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This versatile product allows you to get a topographic map of anywhere in Canada. It has been designed so you can create a map for your next excursion.

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This versatile product allows you to get a topographic map of anywhere in Canada. It has been designed so you can create a map for your next excursion.

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More about the Product

This versatile product allows you to get a topographic map of anywhere in Canada. It has been designed so you can create a map for your next excursion.

This product has been designed to make custom topographic maps suitable for short hikes to week-long back-country adventures and anything in between. Back-country roads and trails are featured prominently on this map along with key points of interest such as campsites, trailheads, and landmarks. Also included are traditional topographic features such as elevation contours, landforms, lakes, and rivers along with roads, rails, trails, and park boundaries.

The details of this map make it ideal to plan an excursion and take it with you. Invaluable for outdoor recreation activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking.

About the Custom-Map

Being a custom map, you can use the interactive base to create your own Canada maps, with the area of your choice. The multi-scale map allows you to search for places, locate them over the map, crop and customize. You can look out for provinces, territories, cities, towns, villages, municipalities, and more. The map also locates lakes, boundaries, rivers, parks, national reserves, grasslands, reservoirs, etc.

Order Online

The custom-map can be chosen at a size, scale, orientation, given a title of your own, and previewed prior to ordering online. By checking out the final product, one can buy it online in a chosen finish including laminated, matte plastic, matte plastic with rails, and paper.

About Canada

Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America. Along with its provinces and territories, Canada extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering a region of 9.98 million square kilometres, making it the world’s second-largest country by total area.


The geography of the world’s second largest country in terms of total area, occupies much of the North America continent, sharing land borders with the contiguous US to the south, and the U.S. state of Alaska to the northwest. Canada stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west; to the north lies the Arctic Ocean. Greenland is to the northeast and shares a maritime boundary to southeast Canada.

The North America country is a federation of ten provinces and three territories. These provinces and territories are further grouped into four main regions: Western Canada, Central Canada, Atlantic Canada, and Northern Canada.


Known as the world’s tenth-largest economy, Canada has a nominal GDP of US$1.52 trillion. It is one of the world’s top ten trading nations, with a highly globalized economy. The country has experienced growth in various sectors like manufacturing, mining, and service sectors that have gradually transformed the nation.

Canada is one of the world’s largest suppliers of agricultural products; with the Canadian Prairies being one of the most important global producers of wheat, canola, and other grains. Its economic integration with the United States has increased significantly since World War II.

Canada is home to the headquarters of several global technology firms and has one of the highest levels of internet access in the world.

Landmarks and Buildings

Confederation Bridge, West Edmonton Mall, Hopewell Rocks, Parliament Hill, The Canadian Rockies, CN Tower, Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Chateau Lake Louise, Chateau Frontenac, Niagara Falls, etc.

Population and Ethnicity

Canada’s population according to the Canada 2016 Census was 35,151,728. Besides, the country’s largest self-reported ethnic origin was Canadian(32%), followed by English (18.3%), Scottish (13.9%), French (13.6%), Irish (13.4%), German (9.6%), Chinese (5.1%), Italian (4.6%), First Nations (4.4%), Indian (4.0%), and Ukrainian (3.9%). Around 22.3% of Canada’s population was the non-indigenous visible minority. Also, the largest visible minority groups recounted in the country were South Asian (5.6%), Chinese (5.1%) and Black (3.5%).

About Publisher: MapSherpa

MapSherpa is a map publishing company that largely contributes largely to the field of easily accessible digital map content. Initially, the company was set up as an internet software company focussing on delivering maps to consumer markets through the web, mobile and printed forms. Recently, the company has turned into an experienced map publishing and retail industry that works with the objective of optimizing the process of selling map products to the market.

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