Winnipeg Wall Map - Street Detail

This Winnipeg street map shows highly detailed local information of the city of Winnipeg. Full street labeling along with transit information, parks, schools, churches and landmarks throughout the city are displayed. The map has been designed in a very clear and legible manner with a traditional Canadian street map style embraced by map buyers over many years.

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Winnipeg Wall Map Street Detail
Winnipeg Wall Map Street Detail Winnipeg Wall Map - Street Detail

Winnipeg Map, BC

This large(44 x 38 in) wall map shows street-level details about Manitoba's Winnipeg City. Use this map for referential purposes and track important road information including transit details, the location of major parks, schools, churches, government buildings, and other landmarks. Designed in traditional Canadian street map style, the map is embraced by map buyers over many years.

Latlong Coordinates 49.8951° N, 97.1384° W
Population 705244
Postal Codes R0G,R0H, R2C
Nearby Cities Saint Paul, Madison, Omaha, Milwaukee, Lincoln, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Fredericton, Ottawa
Popular Places The Forks, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Assiniboine Park, Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Fort Garry, Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, Club Regent Casino, Fort Gibraltar, Winnipeg Railway Museum.
Economy Winnipeg city is a strong economic base and regional centre that is also considered as one of the country's most diversified economies. The city has major employment in trade, manufacturing, education, health care and social assistance sectors. Like many prairie cities, Winnipeg relatively has a low cost of living. As per KPMG, Winnipeg was ranked as the least expensive location for business in western Canada. The city also has a relatively low cost of living.

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Map Scale 1:30,000
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