Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Wall Map - Street Detail

Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario map can be ordered in high-quality print of your selection in the orientation, size & paper, laminated or matt plastic finish of your choice. The map is available the scale of 1:26,000 in 38.5 x 35.5 inches and landscape orientation.You can also customize the map here to center around the area of your interest such as a business location, sales territory in a different scale, size and orientation.

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Kitchener Waterloo Map

Our high-quality map of Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge provides a thorough information guide for the entire metropolitan area. It shows important transit systems, recreational areas, and landmarks. You can find close-up insets of Elmira, Ayr, New Hamburg/Baden regions on the map. The map legend given at the bottom of the map highlights symbols and letters used in the map in both English and French languages.

How to use this Kitchener Waterloo map?

You can use our detailed map for referential purposes or to track important road information. It is helpful while marking points of interest, roads, and business service areas on a large poster. You can also use the map as wall decor in the office or home.

How to create a custom map of Kitchener Ontario?

We also have a customizable map of Kitchener that can be centered around the area of your interest such as your business location or sales territory. You can zoom in the map to get a closer print of your city and zoom out to cover the neighboring areas. You can also add your desired title to the map and choose from a variety of sizes, orientations (portrait and landscape), and finishes.

You can start creating your own customized Kitchener map here.

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How to save on shipping costs?

If you combine multiple maps in the same order you will be charged with shipping only once as they all go together in a rolled pipe.

About the publisher: Lucidmap

This map is published by Lucidmap, a publishing company headquartered in Toronto. They have been a reputed name in the business of map-making and cartographic services. Their team comprises of the best cartographers, graphic designers, and GIS specialists.

You can get many more maps published by Lucidmap at our online map store.

More Information About The Cities

The city of Kitchener lies in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario. It has a population of 233,222 according to the 2016 Census. The Kitchener metropolitan area, that includes the smaller, neighboring cities of Waterloo and Cambridge has a population of 523,894 people.

The cities of Kitchener and Waterloo are considered "twin cities" and are often referred to as "Kitchener–Waterloo" (K–W) and with Cambridge, they are called "the Tri-Cities".

Where is Kitchener Ontario on a map?

Kitchener in Southwestern Ontario lies in the Saint Lawrence Lowlands. It is located approx 100 km (62 mi) west of Toronto in the Grand River Valley, the area is generally above 300m (1000') in elevation. It is the largest city within the Grand River watershed and the largest city on the Haldimand Tract.

You can also view the location of Kitchener on the map of Ontario, Canada.

What are the postal codes for Kitchener?

The city of Kitchener is divided into hundreds of postal code boundaries. These six-character postal codes begin with a prefix of N and are written in A1A 1A1 format, where A is a letter and 1 is a digit. The postal codes of Kitchener range from N2A to N2H and N2M to N2R.

You can easily locate these postal codes on our Kitchener postal code map.

Economy & commercial centers in Kitchener

The economy of the city is rooted in manufacturing. They even place industrial artifacts in public places as a celebration of its manufacturing history. The city launched several initiatives to re-energize the downtown core in 2004. In this downtown core, several factories have been transformed into upscale lofts and residences.

This area proved to be a boom phase by late 2017, with $1.2 billion in building permits for 20 new developments expected by the end of February 2019. Today, two of the top three of Canada's fastest-growing tech companies are located in Kitchener.

You can customize maps of any of the neighborhoods using our Kitchener map.

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