Windsor Ontario Map

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Windsor Ontario Map

A custom Windsor street map by MapSherpa zooms in to show major highways, roadways, streets, landmarks, airports and more. Service delivery region, catchment area or sales territory. Information about Windsor are also highlighted. Updated with latest information on Municipal, Town and Zip Code boundaries, This map of Windsor Ontario streets uses Tom-Tom data and one can order the all-inclusive map online in a chosen finish, set size and orientation.

Latlong Coordinates 42.3149° N, 83.0364° W
Population 287069
Postal Codes N0R, N8N,N8P
Nearby Cities Town of Slough, Datchet, Wraysbury, Maidenhead, Denham, Marlow, Cranford, Ottershaw.
Popular Places Windsor Castle, The Royal Windsor Wheel, Windsor Festival and Theatre Royal, Ascot Racecourse, Savill Garden, Dorney Court, Thames Boat Trips, Windsor and Royal Borough Museum.
Economy Economy of Windsor is based on manufacturing, toursim, eudcation, and goverment services. It is considered a major automoobile centre that also has an equally well-established tourism industry. Windsor's economy is also represented by pharmaceuticals, alternate energy, insurance, internet and software.

Business in Windsor

Windsor is considered to be Canada's fifth-largest manufacturing centre. Chrysler, Ford and General Motors continue to invest heavily in Windsor. Chrysler has its head offices in Windsor and it is by far the city's largest employer. The city is also one of Ontario's tourist and convention centres.

Transportation Scenario of Windsor

City of Windsor is located in the heart of North America. The city is a transportation centre and Canada's busiest port of entry. Served by 5 railways, 4 provincial highways and the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway (401) connecting with Montreal and Toronto.

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