Montréal, Québec Postal Code Forward Sortation Areas Map

This map of Montreal shows postal code forward sortation areas overlaid on a road map. Ideal for planning of deliveries, home services, sales territories, real estate and much more. Base map features include all roads with major roads and highways labelled; neighbourhood names; railways; and high level land use such as parks and recreation areas, industrial areas and hospital campuses.
Montreal Quebec Postal Code Forward Sortation Areas Map
Montreal Quebec Postal Code Forward Sortation Areas Map Montréal, Québec Postal Code Forward Sortation Areas Map
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Montreal Postal Code Map



Situated right at the centre of Montreal Island, the city took its name from the most prominent geographical feature on the island, Mount Royal, which is a triple-peaked hill in the heart of the city. Montreal covers most of the Montreal Island at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers.


Montreal has a history of being known as the commercial capital of Canada. Besides, it remains an important centre of commerce, aerospace, electronic goods, printed goods, software engineering, telecommunications, textile and apparel manufacturing, tobacco, petrochemicals, transport, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, education, art, culture, tourism, food, fashion, gaming, film, and world affairs. The city is Canada's second-largest media market, the centre of francophone Canada's media industry and was also ranked the 12th most liveable city in the world.

Postal Zones

Postal Zones were implemented in Montreal in 1944. In the late 1960s, however, the Post Office began implementing a three-digit zone number scheme in major cities to replace existing one and two-digit zone numbers, starting in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. These postal codes are important in the efficient delivery of mail to its destination. It is the foremost thing that is looked upon while sorting mails. So, assigning the correct code in the postal address is important.

The components of a postal code include Forward Sortation Area and Local Delivery Unit. The former section of the postal address, that is the FSA represents the geographical region in which all postal codes start with the same three characters. The last three characters denote a local delivery unit (LDU), which is a specific single address or range of addresses, which corresponds to an entire small town.

The letter H is used to designate Montreal, the second-largest city in Canada. Any postal address in Canada would read like H1A 0A2, H1A 5P5, H1A 1Y1, H1A 5C2, etc. The current Statistics Canada estimate of over 830,000 active postal codes.

Postal Codes facilitate the machine sorting of mail. Also, having the complete postal address is very important when it comes to quick and efficient delivery of posts. Merely having a number that is not directly like the address allows the machine sorting of mail right down to the individual mailbox.

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