World Maps

We have a wide range of quality wall maps in different styles and finishes. Choose your map from the multiple variants that includes kids maps, antique maps, thematic and timeline maps and order with a custom title, size, orientation, desired finish and framing option. Maps are decorative and informative, and can be used in business, home and educational purpose.

Top World Maps

We have catalogued unique world maps from a vast collection for you! You can now buy a map from the antique, classic, contemporary, decorator and nautical styles. These vibrant maps are ideal for use in homes, work place and schools.

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Kids Maps

Shop unique wall maps for kids that illustrate interesting themes such as mythical monsters, real animals or other cartographic information presented a fun and friendly style. Get one to bring a fresh look to your child’s room and let their imagination play!

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Antiques Maps

We have a range of antique wall maps that would look perfect on your office wall or enhance your living room. Ranging from vintage and historic maps to political maps with clearly marked countries, sea routes, highways, and submarine cables that were ever laid, you can easily pick one from the collection.

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Thematic Maps

Thematic maps are colourful, creative and interesting! Buy world maps representing themes of diversity, agriculture, migration, city features, economy and geographic comparison from the huge collection. Customize with title and finish.

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Timeline Maps

Shop different world maps that are dated and clearly depict dramatic differences between timelines. These timeline maps include an abundance of information about trade, travel, scenario of civilizations and other essential data about the eras over time.

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