Utah on Map

The Utah State Wall Map, part of our growing series of State Wall Maps, depicts Utah's diverse terrain and vegetation. Contains hundreds of place names and precise locations of cities, major roadways and railways, airports, federal and state parks and protected areas, mountain ranges and prominent peaks, military installations, major lakes, rivers and reservoirs, and other geographic features.

Utah Map
Utah Map
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Utah was once named "Deseret," meaning "honeybee," symbolizing the appreciation that the state's residents have for hard work.

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This map of US' Utah state by National Geographic is a wonderful map for office and home decor. The map uses a subdued colour palette and contains extensive political information. It contains hundreds of place names and precise locations of cities and towns. This map of the "Beehive State" is plotted with cities like Salt Lake City, rivers, lakes, mountains and many other details. This map in 30.5 x 40.75 inches is available at MapTrove in different finishes like paper, matte plastic and lamination. You can even get this map on the Avenza mobile app to use them on your smartphones.

Details on the map include:

  • All state & federal highways
  • Major waterways
  • State universities & military installations
  • Major airports
  • Cities & towns
  • State parks, national parks, forests & wildlife areas
  • Assorted points of interest.
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Size 30.5 x 40.75 inches
Publisher Name National Geographic
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