Bogong Alpine Area, Victoria Topographic Map

View the Bogong Alpine Area map that highlights major roads, paths, tracks, and features within the Bogong Plains and the Alpine National Park. You can mount this map on the walls of your homes and offices for business and referential purposes.
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Bogong Alpine Area Map

The Bogong Alpine Area map shows the major roads, paths, tracks, and features within the Bogong Plains and the Alpine National Park. It is ideal for business and referential purposes and for outdoor recreational activities like bushwalking, mountain biking, car touring, rock climbing, and water sports.

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About Bogong High Plains

The Bogong High Plains are a part of the Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range. These section of plains are located in the Alpine National Park in Victoria. You can access this region from the Hotham Alpine Resort and Falls Creek ski resort. The popular trail of Australian Alps Walking Track situated here is known for hiking and cross-country skiing.

Alpine National Park

The Alpine National Park is located in the Central Highlands and Alpine regions of Victoria, Australia. This park covers an area of 646,000-hectare (1,600,000-acre) and is the largest National Park in Victoria.

This park covers much of the higher areas of the Great Dividing Range in Victoria, including Mount Bogong, Victoria's highest point. It shares its boundaries with New South Wales, where it abuts the Kosciuszko National Park.

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