Eastern Ontario Western Quebec Map

The Eastern Ontario Map with Western Quebec shows key political details like international boundaries, landmarks, routes, water bodies, etc. It can be customized around your preferred central location. You can define the print area by zooming in and out of the map and preview the map before placing an order. Use this map for planning deliveries, catchment area, sales territories, etc.

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Map of Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec

You can now create custom regional maps in Canada from this interactive base map that is developed from Lucidmap’s iconic Canadian cartography. The map of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec can be used to create custom maps of the region. The map is composed using multiple scales - maximum print scale : 1:150,000, minimum print scale : 1:375,000, optimal print scale : 1: 250,000. The map is updated with key political details like international boundaries, landmarks, routes, corners, forest areas, lakes, rivers, and tourist spots. Coverage of eastern Ontario and western Québec ranges along the Saint Lawrence River from Saint-Marc-des-Carrières, QC to Lake Ontario, and west to Colborne; and along the Ottawa River from Stonecliffe, ON to Montréal, QC. Communities in Québec north of this area include Mont-Laurier, Saint-Michel-des-Saints, La Tuque and Rivière-à-Pierre. The southern limit of the coverage is the Canada-USA border.

Major areas covered on the map

Eastern Ontario:Eastern Ontario is a secondary region of Southern Ontario in the Canadian province of Ontario that lies in a wedge-shaped area between the Ottawa River and St. Lawrence River. It shares water boundaries with Quebec to the north and New York State to the east and south, as well as a small land boundary with the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region of Quebec to the east.

Western Quebec: Western Quebec region is formed by bordering Ottawa Ontario, Hudson Bay on the left and New Brunswick, Gulf of St. Lawrence and Newfoundland Labrador on the right.. Saint Marc des Carrieres, Quebec is a town. It is a part of Portneuf Regional County Municipality in the Capitale-Nationale region. The place has even earned the title of Rock Capital of Portneuf County because of its rock quarries.

Colborne: Colborne or Port Colborne is a city on Lake Erie, at the southern end of the Welland Canal, in the Niagara Region of southern Ontario,Canada.

Publisher: Lucidmap

Lucidmap provides innovative products and extensive services for all sorts of mapping requirements to people. With a considerable experience in delivering both digital and print map products, Lucidmap is counted among one of the largest private companies in Canada that prints and produces maps.

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Maximum Print Scale - 1:150,000

Minimum Print Scale - 1:375,000

Optimal Print Scale - 1:250,000

Publisher Name Lucidmap
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