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MapTrove is a collection of maps from publishers across the globe and is like a treasure trove of maps. We also stock maps from publishers in Canada and have a good collection of maps in French as well as bilingual maps of Canada and the world. We also have quite a few maps in our collection in other international languages like German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish & Ukrainian. Our Maps in the French section combines both English and French texts for an easy reference for the French-speaking population. Some of these detailed maps come with a go-to index panel showing symbols, inset maps for a close-up view, updated political information, terrain details and geography.

Whether you need a French Canada map for your office, home or for the classroom, we have a collection of colourful, bilingual and finely-detailed maps that can be ordered in different paper finishes to be delivered within days in Canada.

A few maps from our collection:

  • canada-wall-map-bilingual-atlas-of-canada
    Price: $25.99 – $109.99

    Canada Wall Map – Bilingual – Atlas of Canada: A visually appealing map from MapTrove’s French maps range is this bilingual Canada wall map that shows provinces, territories and cities marked in French and English languages. You can pick this map for the classroom, business use, public areas and referential purpose.

  • political-world-wall-map-french-language
    Price: $28.99

    Political World Wall Map – French Language: A colourful and political French language map of the world that comes with comprehensive detailing shows countries, provincial boundaries, continents, oceans and is a perfect information source.

  • World French: A world map in French ‘Le Monde Politique’ can be your go-to map for reference and decor. With country names, national and international boundaries clearly marked, this National Geographic map is a great buy for home and business.
  • canada-wall-map-2009-bilingual-atlas-of-canada
    Price: $39.99 – $89.99

    Canada Wall Map (2009) – Bilingual – Atlas of Canada: This attractive bilingual map in French and English languages is the largest of the Atlas of Canada wall maps. This wonderful decor poster covers the geography of Canada provinces and territories. The ten provinces and three territories including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon are highlighted on the map.

  • northern-canada-wall-map-bilingual-atlas-of-canada
    Price: $30.99 – $64.99

    Northern Canada Wall Map – Bilingual – Atlas of Canada: A stunning map of the lot is the Northern Canada Wall Map that is suitable for both English and French-speaking communities. The map covers the Canadian geography and shows the three territories, the northern areas of the provinces, and adjacent areas of Russia, Alaska, and Greenland.

  • world-wall-map-with-flags-english-and-french
    Price: $31.99 – $139.99

    World Wall Map With Flags: A fantastic buy for schools, businesses and public areas, an appealing World Wall Map with Flags contains texts in both English and French, making it ideal for reference purpose. Time zones, provincial flags, and an easy reference place name index make this map a highly informative and attractive product.

  • antique-world-wall-map-english-and-french
    Price: $28.99 – $129.99

    Antique World Wall Map – English and French: An antique yet classy world map is this wonderful poster that outlines countries of the world in bright colours and comes with comprehensive detailing.

All maps and atlases at MapTrove store have been collected from global publishers and are ideal for office, home, school and referential purpose. Choose from the widest range of highly informative and appealing French Canada maps, and maps of United States, United Kingdom, and the World that can be ordered online in the desired layout, set size and different finishing options.



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