Contemporary World Map With Flags


Picking this contemporary world map from our MapTrove collection, we find a colorful view of the world with highly detailed cartography. What makes this map even more fascinating are the flag symbols that it features. This representation of national flags of each country in a panel below the map helps people to recognize country flags better. The map also accents specific international boundaries, state capitals, and major cities, along with physical attributes like mountain ranges and peaks, island chains, deserts, and bodies of water.

This easy-to-read political map, as shown above, uses the Van Der Grinten projection and is composed of an attractive color palette and illustrates ivory-colored oceans, green landforms, blue water bodies all encompassed within an attractive border.  Countries are sketched in solid blocks of color and boundaries are clearly defined with black outlines. Extensive labeling throughout enhances the efficacy of this map as a valuable reference, making it suitable for office, living space or classroom.

So, when you think of getting one contemporary world map with flags for your living room, you can visit the MapTrove website to find one. Available in four sizes, and in four finishing options including plain paper, laminated, laminated with wood rails, and a new repositionable peel and stick finish.


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