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Kids Wall Map

Maps make learning interesting and fun. These colourful visuals of our world are perfect tools for children to develop an interest in learning about the world. A subject, a pattern or a piece of information represented visually makes it easily relatable. As a child sees a map, she gets a clearer view of our world, shapes of continents & countries and their relative positions across the planet. With some colourful and interesting rendition of maps for kids, these have also become a great home decor item for your kids’ bedroom wall or a memorable gift.

Map collection from across the world

MapTrove has a great collection of maps for kids sourced from top publishers from different countries. These informative and fun-filled maps not just provide useful information but combine fun elements like mythical monsters, animals, places of interest, figures and more on their wall.

Maps for Kids

MapTrove’ collection of maps has some playful yet informative maps that can be inspiring gifts for children. Our children’s maps range is designed for children of all ages and help your child develop as they learn to see their place in the world.

  • Planning to travel with kids this summer? They will be excited to discover new places and understand geography with these colourful and interesting pictorial maps.

    Kids Map of the World
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  • Kids Animal Map of the World: This is an interesting map loaded with information about famous creatures and landmarks. Coloured animated pictures of animals like the Chinese Panda, Brown Bear of Northern Eurasia, large flippered Walrus from the North Pole and others make this map a perfect gift for children.
  • Do you know a child who doesn’t love cartoons? Surely you don’t as there are none! With a map like this, gift-wrap a piece of happiness and learning for your child this holiday.

    Kids Cartoon Map of the World
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  • Kids Cartoon Map of the World: An engrossing world map full of illustrations is ideal for your childs room. This map is an awesome poster showing people, local cultures, animals, marine life, natural features and many man-made landmarks. You can spot the Nile river, a sprinting jaguar, blue whale, famous landmarks like Taj Mahal, White House, Egyptian Pyramids, fort of Timbuktu and more. Popular locations like Victoria Falls & Mount Everest are highlighted all across this colourful map. Clearly labelled with names, this world map for kids introduces locations around the world with interesting pictures for a child.
  • Children love listening to folktales, legends and riddle stories. With an enthralling world map of Mythical Monsters, one can learn about different cultures, their beliefs, country customs and more.

    Mythical Monster World Map
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  • Mythical Monster Wall Map: Bedtime stories get even more interesting with this map on the wall of your child’s room. It is an ideal story-telling poster with weird-looking monsters that shine in the dark. Get one for your child’s room and let his imagination grow wild. The world map contains illustrations of 61 mythical creatures that are believed to have emerged around the planet, whether it is the monstrous Chimera or the dwarf-like water sprite Tikoloshe or Anubis – the god associated with Greek stories of mummification and afterlife.

Maps for Education

MapTrove also has educational maps ideal for students and teenagers and is ideal for learning and as a reference. You may choose a contemporary world map, a solar system map or maps from the world famous National Geographic map series. The maps show both physical and political maps together making it easier for students to understand geography, entities and boundaries. With other important information related to continents, hemispheres, map scales, and compass, these maps are an easy reference tool and a superb addition to classroom walls, kids’ room, study-room and library.

World Political Map for Kids

Canada Map with Flags

  • What are the top unsolved mysteries about our universe? How long back was the solar system formed? Find answers to all your questions related to the cosmos with our Space Maps collection that has informative and ideal home decor posters & maps.

Choose from illustrative space maps and posters including the solar system map, universe map, red planet Mars map, constellation map, explorer space map and more that provide real-time space information and add a statement to your child’s room. These maps cover a variety of space aspects to engage children of all ages.

destination mars

milky way

our solar system

earth at night

Explore our treasure trove of maps and posters for your kid room or gifts. You can order all these maps in different finishes ranging like paper, laminated, matte plastic & matte plastic with rails.



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