If your child is fascinated with the idea of outer space and finds stories of the universe interesting, you should halt for a while to look into this wall map, on MapTrove. These solar system maps are large scenic graphics meant for the walls and you can get them customized with set preferences of size, lamination, material and framing patterns.

Just select your image from our extensive collection of mural designs and photo wallpapers, specify dimensions by measuring up your wall and leave the rest on us. We’ll produce the desired wallpaper mural and deliver to your address. All the space murals are available for print onto your chosen wallpapers.

With a solar system wall map, you can bring the outer space to your space. The map is adorned with the sun, planets, their moons, satellites, orbiting paths and shows existence of other celestial bodies. It makes a perfect gift for school-goers and aspiring astronauts. The maps consist back panels which make them easy to hang.

Profiles and illustrations of the sun and each planet in the solar system are shown on the map. Both the inner and outer solar systems including details of comets and meteoroids are also described.

Whether you have a precocious child who wants to be a cosmonaut or an adult who still dreams of the heavens, a Solar System Mural on the wall is like a window to the stars. Let your child’s imaginations soar with these stunning space images and inspire them with a visual treat they have never witnessed. A Solar System Mural has a variety of hues and textures, too, ideal for any overall design look.

The maps are easy to hang and can be trimmed to fit any wall. These murals can also be swung on windows and doors. You can choose your favorite solar system paintings from millions of available designs.


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