Amazing ways to track your travel using travel maps!

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When it comes to traveling, everyone has their own preferences of planning it from initial to the final point. But, with the smart google maps that are with us every time, things become easier for all of us! Today, we hardly check out routes for easy distances. But for those who still love to indulge in the old-school feeling of reading maps and exploring places, travel maps are a must!

No matter how inspiring the online maps appear, real geography is sometimes the most useful. A paper map brings the whole world right in front of you. It is when you spread a big-sized map fore to chalk out the ways you are going to take for your travel, that you see an ocean of opportunities for you. With a map in your hands, you make a mental note of the places you are going to visit – the eating joints, shopping centers, national parks, lakes, mountains, and cities. You also imagine what other places you could couple up with your original idea.

These beautiful travel maps make you feel that there is so much to see, so much to do and so many places to explore. Travel maps are not just a visual representation of everything the world has, but also an idea that cannot be replicated by other means.


Having basic map skills helps in developing the geographical understanding of a country, its states, capitals and essential boundaries. It further aids in showing built-up regions, areas of natural beauty or places that can be skipped visiting. This helps you in making a list of potential highlights of places you’re going to travel. To further ease your travel and keep you safe, it helps you visualize country’s mapped space so you know where you are venturing and the routes you should avoid.

Having a route on a map to go back to will keep you on track with what you originally planned to see – especially useful if time is limited.

Maps are just an amazing way to travel. One gets to learn a lot about what all is in and around the world and also develops general map reading skills. By giving us an eye into the world in terms of geography and other physical elements, it helps in understanding why the earth is the way it is. Travel maps take us back to our roots, giving us a sense of traveling the world with a paper map to make it even more adventurous.

You can get a suitable travel map for your itinerary, center on a location and get a map of your interest printed from the MapTrove website. We offers customized maps as per your requirements and you can easily get them delivered at your doorstep. You can even choose a size, orientation, finish & give the map your own title. You can carry this map when you step out for your travel and explore!


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