Everything About The World Maps


MapTrove is the largest repository for digital maps and houses maps of countries and places from all over the world. It not only offers you the world and country maps but also state maps, continent maps, space maps and more. You simply need to log into their website, select the map of your interest and center on a location. By choosing a size, orientation, finish for it & giving it your own title – you are right there. By selecting an outlook for the map, you can finally preview the product & order online for a quality printout delivery.

World Maps

A world map is a map that depicts the entire world, simple as that. But memorizing the locations of countries on a world map can be a daunting task, so one can have other ways to make the process easier. Here, MapTrove can be of real help as one can look over the different world maps available, crop and customize them – all in one place. By reading the finely detailed and colorful images, one can memorize countries better and be informed of the cities presently making headlines and get a better sense of the geographical context of the news stories. Doing so can also assist in knowing about the world and help you in answering your child’s inquisitive mind.

World Maps hold great importance for all of us as it brings forth a clear representation of Earth, either as a whole or in parts on a flat surface. Different map projections like Mercator, Transverse Mercator, Robinson, Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area, Miller Cylindrical  – to name a few are famous map styles designed by eminent cartographers and geographers. Every projection offers something new to the reader and gives him a new angle to perceive the world.

World maps depict the earth on a two-dimensional plane and provide information about different regions of the globe and capture the world in different groups. There are ocean maps, mountain maps, relief maps, travel maps and many others. One can also find maps in different styles. A customized map for personal use can be etched out from the displayed maps and one can select any style – classical, quirky, thematic or a contemporary world map out of the collection.  Broadly categorized into physical and political world maps, one can find an apt one from MapTrove.

What one usually finds on a world map?

The physical map of the world displays the continents and other geographic dynamics across the world with varied colors and techniques. Water bodies such as oceans, lakes, seas, rivers, river basins and terrain area are represented in varied colors. Mountains are shaded as per their height and the reliefs are shown through variation in shading techniques.

When it comes to the water bodies, the deepest ocean is colored in blue and straits are shaded light blue. We also finds maps with colorful outlooks which are primarily designed for home decor and display purposes. A political map is designed to show territorial boundaries of countries, states, the location of some major cities, as well as significant bodies of water and human settlements. Bright colors are used to help the viewer find the borders and contour lines.

New knowledge of the earth’s surface has been accumulating ever since it came into being and continues to this day. A meaningful map of the world was invented only after the European Renaissance because less than half of the earth’s coastlines, let alone its interior regions, were known to any culture.


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