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Among other things, Geography helps find answers to that question of "Where Is". If you grew up in the computer games era of 80s & 90s, you will remember the game "Where is Carmen Sandiego". Remember playing a game that finds a location in an Atlas. The "Where Is" series in MapTrove presents answer to that "Where is" query. We provide easy to use maps for Canada, provinces and territories, the World, countries, their capitals major cities. You can also buy detailed maps for these location for your home, office or school. Create customized map from our selection of maps. Maps can be zoomed, centered and cropped as per your specific requirement. MapTrove hosts and delivers maps from leading publishers across the globe including National Geographic Maps.

where-is-St. John's

Where is St. John’s?

St. John's is a city on Newfoundland island off Canada's Atlantic coast, is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador province. Existing on maps as...

Where is Gatineau?

Gatineau is a city in western Quebec, Canada. It is the fourth largest city in the province after Montreal, Quebec City, and Laval. It...

Where is Victoria?

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, that sits on the craggy southern end of Vancouver Island. It is about 100 kilometres from British...

Where is Kingston?

Kingston is an Eastern Ontario city located at the end of Lake Ontario, at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River and at the...

Where is Quebec City?

Quebec City, officially Quebec, is the capital city of the Canadian province of Quebec. Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, Quebec City is...

Where is Hamilton?

Hamilton is a port city in the Canadian province of Ontario. The new city of Hamilton is home to the Royal Botanical Gardens, the...

Where is Saskatoon?

Saskatoon is the largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and the 17th largest Census Metropolitan Area in Canada. It serves as the...

Where is Halifax Regional Municipality?

Halifax, an Atlantic Ocean port in eastern Canada, is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. A major business centre, it’s also known for its...

Where is Winnipeg?

Winnipeg is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is the largest city of the province of Manitoba in Canada. It is...

Where is Calgary?

Calgary is a city in the Canadian province of Alberta, situated at the confluence of the Bow River and the Elbow River in the...