London Ontario Map

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London Ontario Map

You can now create your own maps from the London Ontario Canada base map that uses multiple scales to show places of interest, landmarks, buildings, schools, church, recreation centres, highways, primary and secondary roads, embassies, museums, parks, lakes and more. This map of London Ontario and surrounding area is a custom product where you can search for places, locate them over the map, crop and customize to order online in paper, matte plastic, matte plastic with rails and lamination.

Latlong Coordinates 42.9849° N, 81.2453° W
Population 383437
Postal Codes N0L, N5V
Nearby Cities Kitchener, Hamilton, Brampton, Windsor, Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit, Etobicoke.
Popular Places Storybook Gardens, Springbank Park, Boler Mountain, Victoria Park, Eldon House, Komoka Provincial Park, East Park London, Fanshawe Pioneer Village, Museum London, Gibbons Park, St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica.
Economy London's economy is dominated by medical research, insurance, manufacturing, and information technology. The largest employer in London is the London Health Sciences Centre, which employs 10,555 people. London is home to 300 technology companies that employ 3% of the city's labour force.

London Postal Code area

The first part of the Postal code like the PO1 is the outward code. And the second part of the postcode, 1EB is called the inward code. Each postcode area comprises one or two alpha characters generally chosen to be a mnemonic of the area e.g. MK for Milton Keynes, SO for Southampton. Further, the postcode area is divided into a number of districts represented by the numerical portion. In London, an alpha character is used to divide some districts into subdivisions e.g. EC1A.

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Businesses dominating London

London Ontario city deals with jobs that are linked to manufacturing. The city has transitioned to become a technology hub with a core focus on the Digital Creative sector.

The City of London Ontario is home to 300 technology companies employing 3% of the city's labor force. It also consists of Diply, that is ranked among the top websites on the Internet.

The largest employer in London Ontario is the London Health Sciences Centre employing 10,555 people.

Transportation Scenario in London

London has been a major railway junction and division point. The VIA Rail's London passenger terminal is the third busiest in Canada. The city today is linked by freeways to Windsor and Toronto with highway 401, Sarnia-Port Huron (highway 402) and Hamilton (Hamilton 403).

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