London Ontario Wall Map - Street Detail

The street map of London Ontario shows detailed information about the city of London. It includes full street labeling along with transit information, parks, schools, churches and other major landmarks throughout the city. Designed in traditional Canadian street map style, it is a perfect referential tool and can be used in schools, homes, and offices.
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London Ontario City Map

The London Ontario map shows detailed street level information. It is ideal for referential purposes in your home, schools, or offices. The map features transit information, parks, schools, churches and landmarks throughout the city. Lucidmap designed the map of London Ontario area in traditional Canadian street map style. It is embraced by map lovers over many years.

This map is available in size 35 x 28 inch and various finishing materials like paper, matte plastic, laminated.

About London Ontario City

The city situated in the Southwestern Ontario, Canada, is along the Quebec City - Windsor Corridor. It comes at the confluence of the Thames River, approximately 200 kilometers from both Toronto, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan; and about 230 kilometers from Buffalo, New York. As a separated municipality, which is further separated politically from the Middlesex County, remains the county seat.


The area that comes under London was formed during the retreat of the glaciers during the last ice age, that resulted in marshland areas, notably the Sifton Bog, as well as some other agriculturally productive farmland areas of Ontario. The Thames River dominates London’s geography.

Landmarks and Buildings

Budweiser Gardens, Victoria Park, Eldon House, The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Sifton Bog, Gibbons Park, Inuit Gallery, Fanshawe Pioneer Village, St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica London, The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, Blackfriars Street Bridge, etc.

Population and Ethnicity

According to the 2016 Canadian census, the Canadian city has a population of 383,822. Besides, the census studies evaluated the ethnic composition of the city as of Christian faith, accounting for 62.8 percent of the population (Roman Catholic: 27.0%, Protestant: 25.0%, other Christian: 9.0%). Other religions include Islam (4.4%), Buddhism (0.8%), Hinduism (0.8%), and Judaism (0.5%), with 29.9 per cent of the population reporting no religious affiliation.

Coming to the predominant ethnic origins of Londoners were English (30.5%), Canadian (26.0%), Scottish (20.8%), Irish (20.3%), German (11.5%), French (10.1%), Dutch (6.2%), Italian (4.7%), Polish (4.4%), Portuguese (2.8%), and Ukrainian (2.5%).

Business District in London Ontario - Downtown

Downtown London Ontario has traditionally been the center of retail and business of London. Over the past few decades, the city has transitioned toward more of an entertainment district. To name a few prime locations in the city, there is Budweiser Gardens, Museum London, the London Music Hall, the Grand Theatre, the Covent Garden Market, the London Convention Centre, several art galleries, and many of London's best restaurants and bars are concentrated in the Downtown.

Considered to be the prime center of the London's Central Business District that houses many tall office towers filled with financial services, tech, and communications companies, government, law firms, and the regional courthouse. The city also serves as a central hub for the London Transit Commission and contains the Greyhound bus and Via train stations.

The neighborhood has loads of businesses. Two primary streets for shopping and restaurants are Dundas and Richmond. The Citi Plaza is another hub of commercial activity with the Central branch of the London Public Library, movie theatre, gym, a food court and several retailers.

Publisher: Lucidmap

The London Ontario map is developed from Lucidmap’s iconic Canadian street mapping cartography. The publishing company deals in map-making services and is one of the eminent names holding the largest Canadian market share. Lucidmap is expanding its cartographic share in several fields including public transit, municipal, corporate, small enterprises and government clients.

It also publishes printed map products covering cities across North America for the retail market and also assists in custom, multimedia, and digital mapping.

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