Medicine Hat Alberta Map

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Medicine Hat Alberta Map
Medicine Hat Alberta Map Medicine Hat Alberta Map Medicine Hat Alberta Map Medicine Hat Alberta Map

About Medicine Hat Alberta Map

Being a custom-product, one can zoom into the Medicine Hat Map to locate even the minute details of the city like the important roads, highways, streets, major routes and landmarks. A comprehensive index at the bottom of the map shows all the city details clearly with symbols. This Medicine Hat Alberta Map can be ordered at MapTrove store in a range of finishing options and at a set scale, orientation, size and with a custom title. Simply search for a location to locate it on the map, crop and order online.

Latlong Coordinates 50.0405° N, 110.6764° W
Population 62935
Postal Codes T0J 2PO, T1A
Nearby Cities Redcliff, Dunmore, Irvine, Sevenpersons, Ralston, Schuler, Suffeild
Popular Places Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Echo Dale Regional Park, Medicine Hat Teepee, Red Rock Coulee, Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, Strathcona Island Park, Hooplas Family Entertainment Centre
Economy The city’s natural gas reserves are of interest, as petrochemical companies are seriously looking at Medicine Hat as a potential location. Medicine Hat has large natural gas reserves and for this reason, it is known as "The Gas City". The city is also rich in natural resources including natural gas, coal, clay, and farmland.

What makes Medicine Hat famous?

Natural Gas

Medicine Hat in Canada's Alberta province has been famous for its large reservoirs of natural gas. This natural resource is an integral part of Medicine Hat's identity.

Medicine Hat Tigers

Medicine Hat is known for its junior ice hockey team, known as the Medicine Hat Tigers.

The Saamis Teepee

This is the tallest teepee in the world and one of the most prominent landmark.

Downtown Gas Lamps

The historic nature of downtown Medicine Hat is characterized by traditional gas lamps lining along the streets.

Jim Marshall Murals

The large scale sculpted brick murals of Jim Marshall is among the prominent landmarks in the city art of Medicine Hat. More than three dozen of Marshall’s murals are scattered throughout the city and surrounding area, decorating churches, schools, businesses and government edifices.

St. Patrick’s Church

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church of Medicine Hat is one of the oldest continuously-poured concrete structures in Canada.

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