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This wall map of the Ottawa-Gatineau Area shows highly detailed local information of the city of Ottawa, city of Gatineau and the surrounding areas. Full street labeling along with transit information, parks, schools, churches and landmarks throughout the city are displayed.

The map has been designed in a very clear and legible manner with a traditional Canadian street map style embraced by map buyers over many years.

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Map of Ottawa Gatineau Region

This wall map of Gatineau Ottawa shows highly detailed local information of the Ottawa city, Gatineau city and their surrounding areas. Full street labelling along with transit information, parks, schools, churches and landmarks throughout the city is displayed.

The map has been designed in a very clear and legible manner with a traditional Canadian street map style embraced by map buyers over many years.

A wall map showing Ottawa - Gatineau region is inclusive of immensely detailed political details. One can easily locate highways, major streets, roads, intercity-routes, interesting places, elevation centres, boundaries, and more. Lakes, rivers, and national parks are also marked in distinct colours. Place names are clearly labelled for easy identification and close-up insets further help to get more information about the region.

About Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada that stands on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of southern Ontario. Ottawa borders Gatineau, Quebec; the two form the core of the Ottawa-Gatineau census metropolitan area (CMA) and the National Capital Region (NCR). It is situated in the east of southern Ontario, near the city of Montréal and the U.S. border.

About Gatineau

The city in western Quebec, in Canada, is the fourth-largest city in the province after Montreal, Quebec City, and Laval. It is situated on the northern bank of the Ottawa River, immediately across from Ottawa, together with which it forms Canada’s National Capital Region.

About Ottawa-Gatineau confluence

Ottawa sits at the confluence of three major rivers: the Ottawa River, the Gatineau River and the Rideau River. The Ottawa and Gatineau rivers were historically important in the logging and lumber industries and the Rideau as part of the Rideau Canal system for military, commercial and, subsequently, recreational purposes.

The Ottawa-Gatineau region has the third highest income of all major Canadian cities. The average gross income in the region amounted to $40,078, which was an increase of 4.9% compared to the previous year.



Sitting on the Ottawa River, it has at its centre Parliament Hill, with grand Victorian architecture and museums such as the National Gallery of Canada, with noted collections of indigenous and other Canadian art. The park-lined Rideau Canal is filled with boats in summer and ice-skaters in winter.

Besides, there are Rideau Hall, Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa Locks, Westboro, Beechwood Cemetery, Confederation Square, Confederation Park, Preston Street, Canadian War Museum, etc.


Parliament Hill, Byward Market, Gatineau Park, Canadian Museum of History, National Gallery of Canada, Canadian War Museum, Jaques Cartier Park, Peace Tower, Major’s Hill Park, Canada Aviation and Space Museum, National War Memorial, etc.



Known as a rich and diversified economy, Ontario is the largest economy in Canada, with a GDP nearly twice that of neighbouring Quebec. Ottawa’s primary employers are the Public Service of Canada and the high-tech industry, although tourism and healthcare also represent increasingly sizeable economic activities. Manufacturing plays an important role in Ontario’s economy and generates for about 46% of the country’s GDP. Service sector takes up 76.9% and the Federal government is the city's largest employer, employing over 110,000 individuals from the National Capital Region. Other than this, tourism and healthcare also represent increasingly sizeable economic activities in the city.


The city boasts a relatively undiversified economy relative to its neighbouring city, Ottawa, just on the other side of the river. A majority of jobs are accounted for between the federal government, construction and service industries. There is, however, a large effort to modernize the economy in the region thanks to recent initiatives in the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. is an important regional centre for the Outaouais region. The city serves as the location for the Superior Court of the District of Gatineau, which encompasses all neighbouring municipalities.

Population and Ethnicity


In the year 2016, Ottawa had a city population of 964,743 and a metropolitan population of 1,323,783 making it the fourth-largest city and the fifth-largest census metropolitan area (CMA) in Canada.

Between the year 1987 and 2002, 131,816 individuals relocated to the city, which represents 75% of the population growth for that period. Over 20 per cent of the city's population is foreign-born, with the most common non-Canadian countries of origin being the United Kingdom (8.8% of those foreign-born), China (8.0%), and Lebanon (4.8%). About 6.1% of residents are not Canadian citizens.

Besides, the visible minority population constituted 23.7%, whereas Aboriginal origin people made up 2.1% of the total population. The largest visible minority groups are Black Canadians: 5.7%, Chinese Canadians: 4.0%, South Asians: 3.9%, and Arabs: 3.7%. Smaller groups include Latin Americans, Southeast Asians, Filipinos, and West Asians.


Gatineau had a population of 276,245, and a metropolitan population of 332,057, whereas, the Ottawa-Gatineau census metropolitan area had a population of 1,323,783 as per the 2011 census. Most of the population in Gatineau lived in the urban cores of Aylmer, Hull and the former Gatineau. Gatineau is the fourth largest city in Quebec after Montreal, Quebec City and Laval. About 2.7% of the population comprised of First Nations (Aboriginal status).

About Publisher

Lucidmap is a Canadian publishing company that publishes and prints a wide range of map products, both in print and digital formats. They offer a collection of street, road, recreation, and cycling maps, atlases and more. By offering custom cartographic and GIS services, they extend assistance to multiple domains including public transit, real estate, tourism, municipal, corporate, small business, enterprise and government clients.

By publishing printed map products, the Toronto, Ontario based company also excels in aspects of custom-mapping, multimedia, or internet mapping.

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