A-Z Maps

‘Street and road maps, smartphone and digital maps for GIS’.

Geographers’ AZ Map Company Limited is the largest independent map publisher in the United Kingdom that provides cartographic services, digital data products, and paper mapping publications. Street Atlases, Visitor’s Guides, Great Britain Road Atlases and The Adventure Atlas are some of the key products of this company.

Established on 28th August 1936, in London, by Alexander Grosz, the company’s most eminent publication ‘The AZ Street Atlas’ was created by Phyllis Pearsall. He was responsible for creating the first edition of the guide by spending hours walking the streets of London cataloging house numbers, junctions, and streets. By 1938, Geographer’s Map Company Ltd. was selling 12 titles, with the maps being entirely created by skilled cartographers.

Today, the company A-Z Maps publishes more than 350 titles inclusive of sheet maps and atlases in full color. Ranging in a variety of formats, one can find large-scale street plans of towns and cities to small-scale road maps of the whole country. Based on Ordnance Survey mapping technique, the maps are available in assorted scales.