Arizona State Map

This Arizona State Map represents the physical and political geography of the state with well-researched data. The expanse of the state is elaborated with terrain placements, primary and secondary cities and interlinking networks of highways. It also encompasses the layout of 6 major cities in separate box frames.

The diverse topography of Arizona with mountains, lakes, national parks, forest areas and desert can be located effortlessly on the map. An inset of Grand Canyon National Park brings out its contrasting erosional features and enormousness.

A legend two indices and distance marker makes this map perfect for general reference.

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Details on the Map

This detailed map of Arizona State depicts the physical and political layout of the state with in-depth factual detailing. In planimetric layout the map shows international demarcations along with marking of primary cities, secondary cities, airports, National Parks, State Parks and recreational areas. Physical attributes like mountain peaks, plateaus, desert, rivers and lakes can also be located with ease.

Primary and secondary highways are specifically numbered and can be identified in a glance. Separate frames highlight an elaborate know-how of six cities which includes a useful city map of Phoenix the state capital. A detailed layout of Grand Canyon National Park is boxed in a separate inset. The map is also furnished with a city town index, county index, distance markers, miniature United States locator indicating the placement of Arizona and a digitized flag of the State.

  • Arizona State Map Location

    Arizona is a part of the mountain state and falls in the southwestern region of the United States. It is landlocked on all sides with Utah in the north, New Mexico in the east, California and Nevada in the west. Colorado can also be placed in the northeast tip in a small point of intersection. The Sonora and Baja California provinces of Mexico can be seen sharing the international border with Arizona in the south.
  • Urban Placements

    Urban placement is elaborated in a detailed index of cities and counties. Distance markers help locate the smallest towns and cities in the state.
  • Region Location on Arizona State Map

    According to the USCB the State of Arizona falls under the southwest Region. The other countries under these divisions are Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.
  • Counties of Arizona State

    Arizona is divided into 15 counties. Coconino is the largest county by area whereas Maricopa County is the largest by population.
  • Time Zone of Arizona

    Most of Arizona observes Mountain Standard time (MST) all round the year. Only Navajo Nation observes Daylight Saving Time (DST).
  • ZIP Codes in Arizona

    The Range of Zip codes in Arizona state is from 85001-86556. Zip code range of major cities includes: Phoenix is 85001-85086 and 85089-85099, Mesa is 85201-85216 and Tucson is 85701-36 and 85739-55, 57, 75 and 77.
  • Map Frame

    The mainframe marks all primary and secondary cities with readable fonts in their true location. It draws attention to Capital City Phoenix and the city Tucson with a box highlighter. It also encompasses city maps insets of Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and Flagstaff in separate frames whereas Bullhead and Laughlin are placed together in one locator.

    • Phoenix City Frame

      Phoenix is not only the capital but also the most populous city of Arizona. It is also known as “Valley of the Sun", due to its location in the Salt River Valley. Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and many other secondary towns are marked in this city map with readable fonts. Phoenix is home to a large number of parks and recreation areas.

      Tonto National Forest, one of the largest forests in the state, forms a part of the city’s northeastern boundary. Airport locations are visible with clarity. State Highways along the northern and the southern routes are numbered and marked distinctly. Downtown Phoenix is highlighted with a box enclosure and elaborated in a separate locator within the frame.

    • Flagstaff City Frame

      Flagstaff lies on the southwestern edge of Colorado Plateau in Coconino County. The historic route 66, also known as the Will Rogers Highway, runs east to west can be placed with prominence. Other state roads, freeways, tollways, and rail corridors are also indicated in the frame. Tour locations, airport, and secondary towns and cities are other markings that can be found easily.
    • Tucson City Frame

      Tucson is a city in the county seat of Pima. Flowering wells, Catalina foothills, and major suburbs like Oro Valley, Marana and Sahuarita are marked with bold readable fonts. State Parks and recreational areas are easily recognizable. Numbered highways, state roads, and airports are other details that are included in the locator.
    • Bullhead, Laughlin City Frame

      Bullhead is located in Mohave County directly across the Colorado River. The east-west interstate highway, the Bullheads-Laughlin airport and State Parks are visible on the locator. Laughlin is a casino resort town located in Clark County. Laughlin highway can be placed connecting the city to the rest of the United States.
    • Yuma City Frame

      Yuma is placed in the county seat of Yuma. Colorado River Bridge, freeways side roads are marked with clarity in this city locator. National Highway 195 and state highways serving the Yuma area can be placed with ease on the locator.
  • Terrain Features and National Parks

    All-Terrain features are marked with preciseness and captioned with clarity. Mountain ranges, prominent peaks, plateaus, lakes, forest regions, and deserts are clearly marked for easy identification. National parks, state parks, preserves and recreational can be distinctly placed on the map with green patches. A separate inset of Grand Canyon National Park brings out the contrasting erosional features and enormousness of its terrain.
    • Grand Canyon National Park

      Often considered a wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon National park is located in northwest Arizona. The inset clearly shows the Colorado River cutting a gorge through the Grand Canyon. South and the north rim of the canyon and the adjacent areas are visible with clarity.

      Other points of interest like the Grand Canyon Village, Kaibab trail, Toroweap overlook and desert view can also be placed. Roads leading to the area and the Grand Canyon National park Airport are also marked on the frame.

  • Legend

    The legend lays out details on major airports, national parks, military installation and highways, important roads and other details of the title frame.
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