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The map highlights the diverse terrain of the state with shaded relief. Mountain features can be easily placed with uneven elevation. Volcanoes and national parks are labeled and can be easily located. Highways and state roads are highlighted with thread markings for quick reference.

With in-depth detailing the Hawaii Map USA makes an excellent tool for reference. The map extent covers eight islands along with islets, reefs, and ridge. The state capital Honolulu is also marked with prominence.

The inset includes the entire chain of reefs stretching across the central Pacific. Designed by The National Geographic it is taken from the 10th edition of the Atlas of The World which adds authenticity to this piece.

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Details on the Map

The Hawaii map is a high-quality image of the State designed with accuracy using current map data. The archipelago of eight major islands is only a part of the US state politically not geographically.

Major islands are captioned in bold fonts along with towns and cities of that area marked in their true location.

Mountain features and volcanoes can be located with ease with un-uniform terrain markings. Islets, reefs and the ridge shelves are also depicted clearly. Transportation routes and highways are marked neatly with thread markings. National Parks like Haleakala, Hawaii Volcanoes and other historical sites and trails can be placed clearly on the map.

The inset includes the entire chain of reefs stretching nearly 3000 miles across the central Pacific. The map is from the 10th edition Atlas of World and comes with clear detailing and wonderful perspective.

Designed by The National Geographic it is taken from the 10th edition of the Atlas of The World which adds authenticity to this piece.

  • Where is Hawaii on the map?

    The “Aloha” State of the US is located in Oceania region of Pacific Ocean southwest of continental United States under the Polynesian sub-region. The Hawaiian archipelago consists of eight main islands out of which seven are inhabited.

    Kahoolawe is an uninhabited island access to which is restricted. The largest island by area is Hawai’i while the largest by population is Oahu. The state falls under the western geographical region of the United States. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California are some other states that fall under this region.

  • Urban Placements

    The eight major Islands are captioned and can be located with ease:

    • Hawai’i
    • Lanai
    • Kahoolawe
    • Kauai
    • Maui
    • Molokai
    • Niihau
    • Oahu

    Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii, is also the largest city and can be placed on the island of Oahu.The most populous island is Oahu followed by Hawai’i and Maui. Pearl City, Hilo, Puna, Kohala Kona, and other significant towns and cities are marked throughout the extent of the state in readable fonts.

  • Terrain Markings

    Hawaii is a chain of volcanic islands in the North Pacific Ocean. Mauna Kea, the highest point of the state, is marked with clarity in the Hawai’i island along with Mauna Loa, one of the largest shield volcanoes on earth in terms of area. The district of Kau visible on the map is famous for the “Great Crack”.

    The island of Maui is home to the Haleakala Volcano. Other terrain markings include rocky islets, coral reefs, and atolls, which form a part of the island chain.

  • National Parks

    National parks of Hawaii are marked on the map prominently. The well-known Haleakala National park is located on the island of Maui whereas the Hawaii volcanoes National Park can be placed on the island of Hawai’i. Kilauea, the youngest volcano there, still erupts occasionally.
  • Route Map

    Hawaii state highway and significant roads are indicated with thread markings along the islands. The Hawaii Belt Road can be clearly seen connecting towns like Hilo, Kailua Kona, and Puna around Big Islands. International airports and state roads are also highlighted for quick reference.
  • Key Table

    The detailed key table lays out information on major highways, state roads, national parks, airports and other details of the title frame.
  • Map Size and Finish

    The map is available in 28x22 inches dimension in different finishes to match personal requirements. These premium finishes come in high-quality prints on paper, Matte plastic, Laminates and Canvas.
  • Inset:

    The inset includes the entire chain of reefs, islets, rocks atolls stretching nearly 3000 miles across the central Pacific.
  • More info on Hawaii Map

    • Region Location On Hawaii Map USA

      According to the USCB the State of Hawaii falls under the west Region in Division 9. The other states under the Pacific divisions are California, Alaska, Oregon and Washington.
    • Geographic Region On Hawaii Map USA

      The group of Hawaiian Islands is located in the Oceania region of Pacific and falls under the Polynesians triangle. The island of Hawaii is the third largest island in Polynesia.
    • Counties in Hawaii

      Hawaii is divided into 5 counties. These are Hawaii, Honolulu, Kalawao, Kauai, and Maui. Hawaii County is the largest county in terms of area but Honolulu county is the largest in terms of Population.
    • Time Zone of Hawaii

      Hawaii follows the Hawaii-Aleutian standard time (HST) and during daylight saving time it follows the Hawaii Daylight time (HDT).
    • Zip Codes in Hawaii

      The Range of Zip codes in Hawaii State is from 96701-96898. Zip code range of major cities includes: Honolulu is 96801-96850, Hilo 96720-21 and Pearl City is 96782. You can also view zip code maps of California, Oregon and other States of the Pacific region.
  • Uses of Hawaii Map

    With meticulous detailing, this Hawaii Map USA is perfect for any kind of geographical reference in educational institutions, offices, libraries, and homes. It combines information with style making it perfect for display and gifting.
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