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Featuring the urban and physical geography of the State, this map portrays an elaborate know-how of the State of Colorado. Highlighted physical features like the Southern Rockies, the Colorado Plateau and the Great Plains makes it a comprehensive map for reference. The diverseness of terrain features like the deserts, mountains, plains, deep canyons and the mesas is represented with shaded relief.

The state capital Denver and other primary are captioned along with marking of highways. This Map of Colorado is a perfect reference tool with appealing imagery, created by expert map makers of National Geographic.

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Colorado State Map - Details

The Map of Colorado combines the political and physical geography of the state with cartographic excellence. The Varied topography is depicted with quality imaging, uneven elevation and colored relief. The landscape encompasses the southern Rocky Mountains, portions of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains.

Alpine mountains, desserts with huge dunes, the deep canyons, high plains and mesas are captioned with clarity. Other terrain features include prominent peaks, lakes, forests,desert regions and National/ State parks.

Political demarcations with bordering States like Wyoming and Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Oklahoma and New Mexico are distinctly marked with contrasting tones. State capital Denver and other major towns are labeled in their true location.

Other aspects of the map include highway systems, airports, recreational areas and military installation. A useful legend elaborates symbolic details of the title frame.

This geographical guide of Colorado is not only perfect for general reference but makes an attractive display in any space.

Designed by National Geographic, this map poster is available in a wide range of finishes in high quality prints.

  • Location - Where is Colorado?

    The territory of Colorado is landlocked on all sides by other States. Wyoming and Nebraska can be seen bounding the state from north and the northeast respectively. Kansas can be placed on the east and Utah in the western border.

    Oklahoma and New Mexico borders the state from the south. Arizona also shows up in the sothwestern tip in a small point of intersection. The Mountain state of Colorado falls under the western and southwestern part of the United States.

  • Cities in Colorado

    Capital city Denver can be placed on the western edge of the high pains. Nicknamed the “Mile- High City”, it is also the most populous city of Colorado State. Colorado Spring is the second largest city in Colorado. Other important cities like Aurora, Fort Collins and Lakewood can be placed with ease on the map.

    Various secondary and primary towns are also marked on the frame for quick reference. Military areas, airports, recreational areas, state and interstate highways, major roads and points of interest can also be located on the map.

  • Front Range Urban Corridor

    This is the most populated region of Colorado in the eastern face of the Southern Rockies. It gets its name from the Front range which is the gateway to the rocky mountains. The main settlements marked in this area include Fort Collins, Castle Rock and Colorado Spring. The State Capital Denver can also be placed in the eastern plains.
  • Physical Features

    The map depicts the contrasting landscapes of the State with colored relief and wrinkled folds. The rugged Southern Rockies, the fertile high plains, the Colorado plateau, arid canyons and mesas can be spotted on the map. Other physical attributes include prominent peaks, lakes, rivers, forestland, grasslands, deserts regions and National/ State parks.
  • Colorado Eastern Plains

    The Colorado Eastern plains are part of the high plains and stretch from east of the Rocky Mountains to east of the Front range. The area includes farmlands, deciduous forest lands and prairies.
  • Mountains

    The main mountain ranges in the state of Colorado, is the majestic Southern Rockies. The highest peak Mt Elbert is marked in the southeast of Leadville. It is the highest point in Colorado and also the second highest peak in contiguous United States.

    The Alpine tundra is another dominating feature of the Rocky mountain system. The Front Range and the Sawatch Range can be seen in central Colorado whereas the Sangre de Cristo Mountain is visible in the southern part of the State.

  • The Great Divide

    The Western Slope of Colorado marked by the continental divide, is clearly visible on the map. The western slope includes the desert, mountains, mountain lakes, and river valleys. The Grand Mesa can be seen stretching between east of the grand junction and the Colorado River. The Plateau Creek, the grand Valley and the Grand Mesa national forest are major markings in this area.
  • Lakes and Rivers

    Colorado River and its tributaries, Platte River and Arkansas River can be seen flowing across the state in different directions. Various other river systems are drawn out in the map with clarity for easy identification. Important lakes include Lake Granby, Blue Mesa Reservoir and Grand Mesa lake.
  • National Parks in Colorado

    Colorado is home to four National Parks, 22 State Parks, wilderness areas and protected forests. The Black Canyon National park in western Colorado is well known for the most dramatic section of the canyon. Great Sand Dune National Park conserves areas of large sand dunes in the south- central part of the state. The Rocky mountain National Park and the Mesa Verde National Park are the other two prominent parks on the map.
  • More details on the state of Colorado Map

    • Map Legend

      The legend shows symbols for national parks, State parks, military area, highways, important roads, airports and other details.
    • Map Size and Map Prints

      This detailed physical map of Colorado can be ordered in 40.25 x 30 inch dimension. The multiple finishes available are in high quality paper, laminated with glossy finish, matte plastic with non-glossy finish and Canvass.
  • Other Useful Information on Colorado

    • Region Location

      According to the USCB the State of Colorado is located in West Region in Division 8. The other States under the Rocky mountain division are Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
    • Counties in Colorado

      The group of Hawaiian Islands is located in the Oceania region of Pacific and falls under the Polynesians triangle.
    • Counties in Hawaii

      The US State of Colorado is divided into 64 counties. Las Animas County is the largest county by area whereas Denver county is the most populous.
    • Colorado Time Zone

      Colorado follows the Mountain Time Zone and observes the Mountain Standard Time (MST) which is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.
    • Colorado Zip Codes

      The Range of Zip codes in Colorado state is from 80001-81658. The Zip code range few cities are: Denver 80201-80299: Fort Collins 80521-80528, Colorado Spring 80901-80997.
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