Map of California

The Map of California is a high quality image of the geographical layout of the State. It highlights an elaborate know-how of the state’s wondrous topography from the deserts to fertile central valley. The dominant mountain feature of Sierra Nevada and the exquisite redwood empire is depicted with hand painted relief.

Political demarcations with bordering States, International boundaries, State capital Sacramento and other major towns are notably labeled.

Designed by the National Geographic, this map of California comes in high quality print in four different finishes.

This map is available in 35.25 x 42.25 inches. Please select a finish of your choice
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Details on the Map

Designed by the best cartographers of National Geographic, this map of California presents a dramatic visualization of the State’s topography. The diverseness of landforms covering the deserts of Sonoran and Mojave to the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains is represented with shaded relief and wrinkled folds. Significant water bodies, mountain peaks, the fertile central valley and the redwood empire can be easily placed on the frame.

The state capital Sacramento and other primary and secondary towns are labeled in their true location. International demarcations and political boundaries with other states are depicted with high contrast color and can be pictured at a glance. National and state highways are indicated with thread markings along with airport locations. Other features of the map include national parks, state parks, recreational areas and military installations along with a legend that explains symbolic data of the main frame.

Differentiation of each physical element with elevation and variations of color gives this map a unique imagery all terrain features like Mountain ranges, prominent peaks, oceans, lakes, plains, forest regions and deserts are marked with preciseness and captioned with clarity. Island, national parks, state parks and protected areas are other details that are included in the frame.

Other aspects of the map include highway systems, airports, recreational areas and military installation. The legend brings out other elaborate details of the title frame.

  • Location on the Utah State Map

    California is the most populous state, located in the Pacific region on the western coast of the United States. Nevada can be seen sharing a border to the east and northeast. Arizona to the southeast, Oregon to the north and Pacific Ocean in the west surrounds the state from the other three sides. The province of Baja California of the State of Mexico marks the international border to the south.
  • Key Table

    The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks , military areas, highways, important roads, airports and other details of the title frame.
  • Map Size and MapPrints

    This detailed physical map of California can be ordered in 35.25x 42. 25 inch dimension. The multiple finishes available are paper in high quality stock, Laminates in glossy finish, Matte Plastic in Non-Glossy finish, Matte Plastic mounted on PVC banner hanger and Canvas.
  • Region Location on Map of California

    According to the USCB the State of California falls under the Pacific Region in Division 9. The other States under the Pacific divisions are Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.
  • Counties in California

    The State of California is divided into 58 counties. Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States. San Bernardino is the largest county by area.
  • Time Zone in California

    California falls under the pacific time zone and observes the Pacific Standard Time (PST) which is 8 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.
  • Zip Code of California

    The Range of Zip codes in California state is from 90001- 96162. Los Angeles County Zip code range 90201-90296.
  • Major cities in California

    Sacramento, the capital city, can be placed at the confluence of Sacramento and American river. Los Angeles and San Francisco can be located with ease in southern and northern California respectively. San Diego, San Jose, Long Beach and Oakland are marked in readable fonts along with other primary and secondary cities. Military areas, state and interstate highways, major roads, recreational areas, points of interest and airports are also marked for quick reference.

  • Physical Features

    The map depicts the dramatic physical features of the Golden State with preciseness and accuracy. The state projects a contrasting landscape with deserts, fertile plains, coastal areas and high mountains. The fertile farmland of the central plains, the Mojave deserts in the south, Sierra Nevada and the Yosemite glacier valley are some geographically diverse features that are notably visible on the map.
    • Central Valley

      Central Valley stretches from the north- northwest to the south-southeast, parallel to the pacific coast. The Sierra Nevada is marked in the east and the Coastal ranges bound the area to the west. The valley extent can be seen with placements of major cities including the state capital. The Sacramento Valley in the north of the central plains and the San Francisco Bay are other major markings of the area.
    • Coastlines

      The Pacific Coast of California is also known as the “Golden Coast”. The northern coastal areas are mountainous and rocky and differ from the sandy beaches of the south. One of the prominent features marked along the northern coast is the redwood empire.

      The major urban placements around this area include San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angelis. The Channel islands of California can also be spotted on the frame along with Farallon islands in the west of San Francisco.

    • Mountains

      There are three main mountain ranges in the state of California but the majestic feature is that of Sierra Nevada. This glacier valley of Yosemite, Sequoia National park and the Kings Canyon National Park are notably visible in this area.

      The highest point is Mt Whitney which is also the highest point in the contiguous State of US and is located in the east central part of the mountain. Other major mountain systems in the state include, the coastal mountain ranges in the west, Cascade ranges in the north and Tehachapi mountains in the south.

    • Desert

      The desert basin is located in eastern part of the southern California region, encompassing three large deserts. The Mojave desert can be seen on the map extending eastward towards Arizona and Nevada. The Colorado Desert is a part of the larger Sonoran desert and can be placed on the southeastern corner of the State. The Great Basin desert is the only cold desert of the country and lies to the north of the Mojave desert.
    • Lakes and Rivers

      The Colorado River can be seen bordering the Mojave desert. The Klamath River can be seen flowing across the northern part of the state before meeting the Pacific ocean. Other intricate river systems are drawn out in the map with clarity for easy identification. Californian lakes shown on map include Salton Sea Buena, Vista Lake, Lake Tahoe, Clear lake and others.
  • National Parks

    California’s unique and spectacular natural terrain embodies nine National Parks more than any other state in the US. Joshua Tree National Park, Yosemite National Park and Redwood National park are indicated clearly on the map along with other national parks, state parks and recreational areas.
  • Display Use

    The map California is ideal for the study of geography and landscape. With an engaging color scheme this large map, makes an elegant poster display in home study, living spaces, schools and libraries.
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    Wide ranges of products are available for perusal
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