Map of Rhode Island

Map of Rhode Island portrays the geography of the state to enable the fastest possible orientation of its urban space. Political demarcations are distinctly marked with contrasting tones. State capital Providence and other major towns are labeled in their true location. Terrain features are also highlighted and captioned.

The map is furnished with two insets of Providence and Newport. Their placements on the state canvas is marked with box indicators. Road networks and points of interest are marked prominently in each frame.

Other aspects of the map include a numbered highway, airport, rail routes, parks and military installation.

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Rhode Island State Wall Map
Rhode Island State Wall Map Map of Rhode Island

Details on the map

Rhode Island is officially known as the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation. This name was derived from the merger of four colonial settlements. Newport and Portsmouth were together known in the colonial times as Rode Islands. Warwick and Providence Plantation the colony founded By Roger Williams together known as Providence Plantations.

This graphical representation of the state of Rhode Island is not only perfect for general reference but makes an attractive display in any space. It features the urban geography with high-end detailing, displaying interlinking transportations networks, numbered highways and placements of all primary and secondary towns and cities.

Rhode Island is often called the “The Ocean State” because of the large number of bays and inlets that amount to 14% of its total area. Other topographical details include Jerimoth Hill, the highest elevation of the state, lowlands of Narragansett Bay and coastal forests. The state capital Providence and the major urban settlements Newport are laid out in separate insets.

Each city frame is designed with the latest street information and accurate landmark locations. Political boundary with other states is demarcated with contrasting colors and defined line margins. Other details include state parks, national parks, airport locations, recreational areas and military installations.

This comprehensive map poster of Rhode Island comes in high quality print with various finishing options. It is furnished with two detailed indices of towns /cities and county. A driving distance marker helps estimate distance between towns and cities marked on the map. The map face also provides the Country placement of Rhode Island along with digitized flag of the state.

  • Where is Rhode Island on the map?

    Rhode Island is bordered by Massachusetts on the northern and eastern side. Connecticut can be placed on the west. The Atlantic Ocean and the strait of Rhode Island Sound bound the state on the south. Rhode Island also shares a maritime border with New York, between Block Island and Long Island.

  • Key Table

    The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks, military areas, highways, important roads, airports and other details of the title frame.

  • Region Location on map of Rhode Island

    According to the USCB the Rhode Island is located in the northeastern Region of the United States in New England Division 1. The other States under this division are Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

  • Time Zone in Rhode Island

    Rhode Island falls under the Eastern Time Zone and observes the Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

  • ZIP Code of Rhode Island

    The Zip Code Range of Rhode Island is from 02801-02898.

  • County and Municipalities in Rhode Island

    Rhode Island is divided into five counties namely Bristol, Kent, Newport, Providence and Washington. Providence is the largest county both in terms of land area and population concentration. The state also encompasses 18 municipalities in which Providence is the most populated whereas Smithfield is the least populated Municipality of the state.

Major cities of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in terms of land area and 7th least populated state of the USA. However it is the second most densely populated state of the nation. Rhode Island comprises 39 cities and towns. State Capital Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket and East Providence are the five major urban hubs. Health services are Rhode Island’s largest industry followed by tourism.

  • Providence City Inset

    The “Creative Capital” of Providence is located at the mouth of Providence River in Narragansett Bay. It was founded by Roger Williams, a Baptist reformer and is one of the oldest cities in the nation. It is not only the largest city in terms of land area but also the most populous city of the state and the third most populous in the New England Region. Providence has 25 official neighborhoods often referred to collectively.

    It is home to Rhode Island Convention Center, Brown University and Johnson and Wales University. Points of interest that can be located on the frame are Water place Park and Riverwalk, Roger Williams Park and National Memorial, Prospect Terrace Park and Museums.

    Historical architectures in the city include The First Baptist Church in America, Old State House, and Providence Athenaeum the fourth oldest library in the United States. Interstate 95 runs through the city from north to south, Interstate 195 connects the city to eastern Rhode Island and Interstate 295 encircles the city of Providence. All other highways are numbered for easy orientation. Airport locations and passenger rail routes are also indicated on the frame.

  • Newport City Inset

    Newport is a seaside city and the seat of Newport County. It is the most populous municipality in Aquidneck Island in Narragansett Bay. The city is known for its rich sailing history and colonial mansions and is often nicknamed the sailing Capital of the World. The city has a huge naval installation and is an important Navy Training Center. Some historical landmarks of the city are White Horse Tavern, the oldest Tavern in the United States, Touro Synagogue and Newport Library.

    Natural spaces and recreational areas include sailing clubs, Easton’s Beach the largest beach of the city, Sachuest Beach, ‘The Cliff Walk’ National Recreational Trail, Brenton Point State Park. Interstate 95 connects the city to the rest of the state along with route 138 expressway. Airport locations, universities, naval installations and other roads are also marked out on the frame with clarity.


The map is also supplemented with two tabular indices on cities/towns and counties. A driving distance chart based on accurate information and map data helps locate all towns and cities on the map.

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