New Mexico County Map

Perfect for homes, offices and schools, this map of New Mexico is modeled in lively colors, depicting the urban layout. The expanse of the State is elaborated with placement of hundreds of cities. State boundaries are clearly differentiated. State capital Santa Fe and some major urban settlements are elaborated in insets.

Highways are numbered and depicted with colored thread margins. The Sangre De Cristo Mountains, Rio Grande River, Pesco River, Canadian River are some prominent physical features of the state. This Map poster is ideal for reference and is available in four different finishes in high quality prints.

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Details on the map

Designed with accuracy using current map data, this New Mexico Map is a high quality image of the urban layout of the state. Boundaries with other states are demarcated with contrasting contour. All primary and secondary cities and towns are named in their true location for easy understanding.

Highlighted box frames indicate placements of major settlements which are elaborated in separate insets. City insets of Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Roswell and Albuquerque are complete with latest street information and accurate landmark locations. The State Capital Santa Fe is captioned in bold readable fonts and can be placed easily. National highways, state highways, airports, military installation and recreational areas are other details that are included in the map.

The physical landscape is depicted with attractive imagery and variation in color. Mountain ranges, deserts, significant water bodies, mountain peaks, forestlands, national parks and State parks can be placed on the frame with ease. New Mexico is home to many areas protected by the national park system and these areas have been indicated on the map.

Other interesting features of the frame are two elaborate indices, one of cities/ towns and the other showing counties, a useful legend and a driving distance chart and a miniature map of the United States pinpointing the placement of New Mexico along with a digitized flag of the State. This informative and attractive visual display of the State is a great reference tool and can be used resourcefully in schools, homes and offices.

  • Location on the map

    The state of New Mexico is located in the south western region of the United States. Texas borders the state to the east and southeast. Oklahoma is placed on the northeast. The Mexican state of Chihuahua and Sonora borders New Mexico from the south and southwest respectively. It also shares the Four Corners Region with the states of Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

  • Key Table

    The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks, highways, important roads, airports and other details of the title frame.

  • Region Location on the New Mexico Map

    According to the USCB the State of New Mexico is located in Western part of the United States in Mountain region division 8. Other states located in this division are Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming.

  • Counties in New Mexico

    New Mexico has 33 Counties. Bernalillo County is the most populous county of the state whereas Catron County is the largest in terms of land Area.

  • Time Zone in New Mexico

    New Mexico falls under the Mountain Time Zone and observes the Mountain Standard Time (MST) which is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

  • ZIP Code of New Mexico

    The Range of Zip codes in New Mexico is from 87001-88439.

Urban Information

It is one of the Mountain States and shares the Four Corners region with Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. It is the fifth largest state of the US in terms of land area however the sixth least densely populated state of the nation. Capital city Santa Fe is the cultural center of the state and Albuquerque is the largest city. Oil and Gas production along with tourism anchors the state’s economy.

The institutes of higher education of the state include University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University and Eastern New Mexico University. National highways, interstate highways and state highways are numbered and color coded. Military areas, airports, recreational areas and points of interest are also indicated for quick reference. The map is furnished with two detailed tabular indexes of cities/towns and country. Driving distance chart helps estimate distance in miles between two destinations.

Major cities of New Mexico

The map feature includes four informative insets of major urban settlements of the state. Each frame is complete with latest street information, military installation, rail routes and airports. Accurate locations of landmarks, notable architecture, historical sites, utility and civic centers are indicated with clarity. Parks and forest areas are easily recognizable in each frame with green patches and specified symbols elaborated in the legend.

  • Santa Fe City Inset

    Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico. It is the seat of Santa Fe County and the fourth largest city of the state. The name of the city means “Holy Faith'' in Spanish and is considered one of the world’s great art cities famous for the many art galleries.

    Canyon Road has the largest concentration of art galleries and is a major destination of international art collectors. State parks, botanical gardens, lakes, museums, art centers, tourist locations, universities and points of interest can be placed easily on the frame. The city is served by Santa Fe Municipal Airport, railroads and Interstate highway 25 along with US Route 285, 84 and 66.All highways are numbered for quick reference.

  • Albuquerque City Inset

    The “Duke City” of Albuquerque is the most populous city of the state. It is the seat of Bernalillo county which is also the most populous county of New Mexico. The city is geographically located within the Albuquerque Basin Ecoregion.

    The prominent terrain features of this city include the Rio Grande River, Bosque Forest, Sandia-Manzano Mountains and West Mesas. Points of interest in the city include Biological Parks, Museums, Natural History Museum, Old Town Albuquerque and Tingle Coliseum. Elaborate transportations network of the city include Interstate highways 25 and 40, national highways 85 and 550, state highways 66 and 45 along with other secondary roads. Railroads and airports are also indicated on the frame.

  • Las Cruces City Inset

    Las Cruces is the seat of Dona Ana County and the second largest city of the state. The city is geographically located in the Mesilla Valley and also its economic center. It is home to New Mexico State University, New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, and Las Cruces Museum of Natural History.

    Other points of interest include the famous mural painted water tanks, Cathedral of Immaculate Heart of Mary and Basilica of San Albino. The city encompasses 87 parks and many recreational areas. Interstate 10 and 25 serve the city along with US Route 70 and 180. Airports , railroads and utility centrs are also an easy find on the inset.

  • Roswell City Inset

    Roswell is the seat of Chaves County and the fifth largest city of New Mexico. It is the home to New Mexico Military Institute and Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The City is well known for the Roswell UFO Incident.

    The Points of interest in the city include the Roswell Museum and Art Center, White Family House Museum and the Chaves County CourtHouse along with many parks and recreational areas. US Route 70, 285 and 380 serve the city along with other state highways, bus routes and airports.

National Parks

New Mexico is home to two national Parks which are Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands. It also holds two national historic parks which are Chaco Culture and Pecos along with Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area. New Mexico also has 11 National Monument sites, 5 National Forest Areas and many state parks.


The map is furnished with a tabular city/ town index, a county index and a driving distance markers which help locate all primary and secondary towns on the map.

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