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The US Map is a high-quality image of the political layout of the country. This map of the US has been designed with accuracy using current map data. This general reference map of the US is a perfect combination of quality, price and usability. Portrayed in vibrant colors, it makes an attractive piece for wall display in any space.

This map is available in 33.75 x 21.75 inches. Please select a finish of your choice
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Details on the Map

The United States map portrays the federal divisions of the country. Based on actual data citations this political map shows boundaries of each state with the placement of provincial capitals and major cities. Significant water bodies and mountain ranges can be easily found in blue shade and wrinkled folds. This map poster of the state of the US is useful as a reference tool in offices and educational institutions.

This reference map encompasses all the 50 states with capitals and provincial capitals. Each state is clearly demarcated with specific colors. State names and capitals are captioned in bold and readable fonts. Provincial capitals and major cities are names and marked in their true location for easy understanding.

Alaska, the largest state in the US and the principal Hawaiian Islands are depicted clearly in two separate insets. Transportation routes, interlinking the entire state of US are marked neatly in the map with red thread markings.

Some physical attributes of the country like all major lakes, rivers and oceans are can be placed in the map with a distinctive pale blue coloration. Mountain ranges can be located with ease with un-uniform terrain markings.

This Political Map of the United States is perfect reference tool with appealing imagery created by the best cartographers of The National Geographic.

  • Locations on the Map

    This imagery of the United States is elaborated with political divisions of all 50 states. Each State is named and differentiated with a separate color for quick reference. Provincial capitals and major cities are types faced in their true location.
  • International Boundaries

    Parts of Canada in the north and Mexico in the south can be effortlessly spotted with their tanned appearance.
  • Mountains

    Mountain features can be easily located on the map with their creased look and elevation. The Rocky and the Appalachian ranges are named with bold fonts.
  • Oceans, Lakes, Gulfs

    All water bodies are enhanced in the map explorer with a pale blue shade. The Atlantic in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west, the Gulf of Mexico in the south and the five great lakes are included in the map frame.
  • Route Maps

    Interstate transportation routes, international highways and all major roads are highlighted with red thread markings.
  • Insets

    Alaska the largest state in the US and the Hawaiian Islands are shown in two separate insets for cross-reference.
  • Grid

    Important Latitudes and Longitudes are outlined in the map and specified with degrees.
  • Map Scale and Projection

    The map is on a scale of 1:6107, 000 and can be ordered in 33.75x21.75 inches dimension.

Uses of the Map

With cartographic excellence this map aims to bring information to your doorstep, packaged in style.
  • Reference Use

    With meticulous detailing, the US Map-Explore is apt for general reference in educational institutions as well as offices.
  • Wall Décor

    With unique contrast of colors and a decorative border, this map, adds an instant spark to a dull wall.

Available Finishes

The United States political map is available in different finishes to match personal requirements. These finishes come in high-quality prints on paper, Matte plastic, Laminates and Canvas.

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SKU ngmaps-RE00620504-1
Map Scale 1:6,107,000
Flat Size 33.75 x 21.75 inches
Publication Date 2014
Publisher Name National Geographic
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