Kids Beginners USA Education: Grades K-3

Geography can be best understood with maps and this United States Map for kids is especially improvised to aid classroom teaching. This graded series map, designed by National Geographic Maps is a perfect tool to enhance cognitive skills and spatial thinking for children in middle and high school levels.

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This map addresses the unique needs of K-12 students inviting curiosity and encouraging exploration at the same time enriching their understanding of the country.

This map of the country in the vivid layout is a political map clearly depicting the boundaries of all 50 States. Factual data like political divisions, location of states and capitals and international boundaries can be understood easily with the help of this display. This map of the US stands out from the vast variety of classroom poster maps as it uses the Winkel triple projection, which minimizes all forms of geometric distortion.

The map layout includes inset maps of two other states - Alaska and Hawaii. A physical map of the USA is also added to the frame.

Special toolboxes are part of the layout providing additional information on the cardinal direction and continent placement in hemispheres. A key to the map feature shows details of the main data frame.

This graded series map is a colorful representation of the US, designed to provide context and relevance in topics related to geography for school teaching.

This Political Map of the United States is a perfect tool for developing geographic skills and perspective for grades 4-12. This is a graded-series map, specially designed by National Geographic to adapt to the growing needs of K-12 students for learning and effective visualization. This Political Map can be used as an educational tool to incorporate spatial thinking, quantitative skills and relative learning into everyday lessons.

Map Features

In order to make mapping lessons interesting, the designers of this map have added aspects of map construction to help explore the United States with this exhibit.

  • Title/Main Data Frame

    The main data frame consists of all 50 states, named with large fonts and differentiated with color. The Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west provide an attractive blue background to the title. Parts of international states like Canada, Mexico, Cuba and Bahamas can also be spotted on the map.
  • Grid

    The network of Longitudes and Latitude helps to locate places on the map with accuracy. The grid system is completed with specific degrees marked on each coordinate.
  • Inset

    This Map of USA has two useful insets showing states of Alaska and Hawaii. Parts of Russia and Canada also form a part of the Alaskan inset along with Aleutian island
  • Legend/Key

    Simplified details like international boundaries, political divisions, major cities and rivers form a part of the key table.
  • Compass

    A tool box with a supporting image explains the importance of compass and scale.
  • Physical Features

    The map is supplemented with an additional image showing physical features of the United States.
  • Hemisphere Location Inset

    The inset provides the hemisphere location of the continent with two specific images showing the divisions of the globe with the equator and the Prime meridian.

Map Scale and Size

The political map of the US is made on a scale of 1:4,898,000 and can be ordered in 51.75x 40.75 inches dimension.

Map Projection

This classroom map uses the Winkel triple projection which minimizes all forms of geometric distortion. This provides the best combination of size, shape and distance giving the map the best view.

Map Prints

The map is available different finishes as paper, laminated and durable matte-plastic in a non-glossy finish.

Other Options

A variety of other options are available for perusal, like

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SKU ngmaps-RE01020560-1
Map Scale 1:4,898,000
Flat Size 51.75 x 40.75 inches
Publication Date 2010
Publisher Name National Geographic
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