In this section, you will find maps of all 7 continents of the world published by the world's most renowned map publishers. These maps are available in different styles - like antique maps, custom maps, topo maps, wall maps to thematic maps, and many more. They can be used for referential purposes in your homes, offices, or school. You can buy them in different sizes and finishing materials like paper, matte plastic, and lamination.

We have always known that Earth has seven continents. But, a new study reveals there may be one more that we’ve been missing! As per a new research by the Geological Society of America, New Zealand is actually the tip of a continent, not just an island. And scientists consider it as ‘Earth’s hidden continent’. With all the other continents lined up according to the area, you can get maps of each of them : Asia, Africa, North America, South America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia at MapTrove. Maps are available in different styles, sizes, and can be used for referential purposes.

Africa Continent Maps

Do you know Africa is the hottest continent of Earth? With deserts and drylands covering around 60% of land surface area, Africa is also the second-largest continent that is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean! If you’re looking for maps of the continent, browse through our section of Africa Maps that has classic, contemporary, and antique maps available for purchase online in different sizes, and orientation.

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Antique Continent Maps

Unique, and beautiful antique maps and posters at MapTrove are worth your attention if you love vintage classics! Printed and published during the 17th - 18th centuries, these maps use an earthly base and early cartography to depict the world. Maps are loaded with intrinsic details and feature ornate borders to be ideally used for office, library and study room walls or even as a source of historical research and educational reference.

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Asia Continent Maps

Buy maps of Asia, the largest continent of the world both in terms of size and population, at MapTrove. Pick up an interactive map from the custom map range including Executive Asia Political, Asia Political, Asia Physical, and Central Asia or order wall maps of the Middle East, Asia Executive, and Asia Physical in your choice of finish including paper, matte plastic, matte plastic with rails, and lamination.

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Europe Continent Maps

If you’re planning your next trip to Europe, you can glance through our section of Europe maps that includes custom-maps and political maps that feature all the key geographic features precisely, and are ideal for your reference. Europe is popular among tourists for its rich cultural history, and is widely recognized as a destination of art, food and history lovers. The continent also earns a tag of being the largest economy in the world to its credit, and, is also home to one of the seven wonders of the world!

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North America Continent Maps

Order a North America Wall Map, Regional Relief map of the Central America & Caribbean, North America Classic and Executive maps at MapTrove. The continent is the planet’s 3rd largest continent that includes 23 countries and dozens of possessions and territories! Maps can be ordered at a set size, with a finishing material including paper, matte plastic, matte plastic with rails, and lamination.

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Oceania Continent Maps

Do you know the geographic region Oceania is composed of 14 countries? And, that the largest island of the landmass is Australia? Find other fascinating facts about Oceania with our range of maps that include custom maps and detailed political wall maps. You can order maps in contemporary and antique outlooks for your home or business.

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Oceans & Poles

We have a great collection of Oceans & Poles Maps that include vibrant posters and maps of Antarctica Satellite, Pacific Ocean Floor, Oceans, among other political maps by National Geographic. Maps are combined with additional information, key details about the region, and are ideal for educational reference and can also be used for decor purposes.

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South America Continent Maps

Choose from custom maps and wall maps of South America that is inclusive of crucial political details and geographical features including place names, major roads, highways, international boundaries, and more. South America is known to be the fourth largest continent in size and the fifth largest when we consider population. The continent is located in the western hemisphere and mainly in the southern hemisphere and houses 12 countries and three dependencies.

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Timeline Continent Maps

Choose a map from the offered range of Timeline continent maps that stocks dated maps and posters of Antarctica, America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and other continents that are composed in light hues of blue, and loaded with abundant political and physical details, ocean bathymetry, terrain relief, and transportation routes. You can find these late - nineteenth century published maps at Map Trove in portrait and landscape orientation.

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