White Rock British Columbia Map

White Rock, British Columbia map can be ordered in high-quality print of your selection in the orientation, size & paper, laminated or matt plastic finish of your choice. The map is available the scale of 1:12,000 in 36 x 24 inches and landscape orientation.You can also customize the map here to center around the area of your interest such as a business location, sales territory in a different scale, size and orientation.

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White Rock British Columbia Map
White Rock British Columbia Map White Rock British Columbia Map White Rock British Columbia Map White Rock British Columbia Map

White Rock Map

A custom-product by MapSherpa helps you scale down to even the smallest of places, routes and landmarks. You can search for your desired location to reach to the place. This street map of White Rock BC can be cropped, customized and ordered online with a title of your own, desired orientation, size and finishing material. This multi-scale product highlights towns, highways, primary and secondary roads, schools, church, government buildings, parks, recreation centres and more. Updated with the latest Tom-Tom data, the map remains a suitable tool of reference for businesses, home and sales delivery.

Latlong Coordinates 49.0253° N, 122.8030° W
Population 19,952
Postal Codes V4A
Nearby Cities Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Portland, Calgary, Boise
Popular Places Peace Arch Park, South Surrey, White Rock Pier, White Rock Promenade, White Rock Museum and Archives, East Beach, Centennial Park, Totem Park
Economy Uptown White Rock has been the site of significant new developments in recent years, with medium-rise condos becoming more prominent. Transportation in the city largely revolves around automobile business. Tourism is a major economic driver, playing a vital role in the community by enhancing prosperity of our local economy. This Canadian city of White Rock is an attractive place to visit, shop, work, and play.
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