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About Oshawa Ontario Map

This is a custom MapSherpa product that uses multiple scales to provide closer view of the city. The Oshawa city map uses the most current TomTom map data and you can count on this map showing the latest changes in your area. Full street labelling, block numbers and street direction can be seen on the map that can be zoomed in to a level, centered on a ldesired ocation, cropped at a size and ordered online with a title, orientaion and finishing material.

Latlong Coordinates 43.8971° N, 78.8658° W
Population 308875
Postal Codes LOB, L1E, L1G
Nearby Cities Town of Ajax, Brock, Scugog, Uxbridge, Whitby, Clarington Municipality, Pickering City
Popular Places Darlington provincial park, Parkwood Estate, Treetop Eco-Adventure Park, Lakeview Park, Oshawa Zoo, Memorial Park.
Economy Oshawa has a large-scale manufacturing and administrative operations in the city and employs many thousands directly and indirectly. It remains the largest local employer. Oshawa is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, it is also ranked No. 1 city for jobs in Canada when compared to 33 cities across the country. Oshawa is also a primary center for film and television industry.
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Max Print Scale - 1:15,000

Min Print Scale - 1:2,000,000

Optimal Print Scale - All

Regions Canada;North America
Publisher Name MapSherpa
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