Map of New York State

This large scale thematic map of New York enables an easy orientation of urban space of the State. Densely settled cities like Capital Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse and Utica are drawn out separately on insets.

The expanse of the title frame is elaborated with terrain placements, primary and secondary cities and interlinking highways and state roads. Political demarcations with bordering States are distinctly marked with contrasting tones.

The map also provides a miniature map of the United States pinpointing the placement of New York along with a digitized flag of the State.

This elaborate guide of the state of New York designed with vivid imagery is perfect for display and reference.

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Details on the map

Featuring the urban and physical geography of the state, this map frame portrays an elaborate know-how of the State of Colorado. Political boundary with other states is depicted with high contrast color and can be pictured at a glance. The state capital Albany and other primary and secondary towns are captioned in their actual location.

A box highlighter draws attention to the major settlements of the State. Elaborate insets of Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse and Utica exhibit detailed layout of these cities. The interlinking network of National highways, state highways, other roads, thoroughfare, frees and tollways are presented with specific number and thread markings. Airports, points of interest and county demarcations can also be placed on the map with ease.

The diverseness of terrain features like the mountains, plains, forests, plateau, national parks and state parks are marked with accuracy.The map is also furnished with a city town index, county index and a distance marker which helps locate all primary and secondary towns on the map.The map also provides a miniature map of the United States pinpointing the placement of New York along with a digitized flag of the State.

The terrain marking encompasses the majestic Appalachian Mountains, Adirondack Mountains, Hudson River Valley, lakes, forest and meadows. The National Parks, historical sites, state parks and Natural landmarks of the state are captioned and sketched out prominently on the map, indicating placement.

  • Where is New York on the map?

    New York is located in the northeastern part of the United States. New Jersey and Pennsylvania borders the state to the south. Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont can be placed on the east. The State shares a maritime border with Rhode Island east of Long Island. The Atlantic Coast bounds the southern part of the state and includes Long island and several other smaller islands. New York also shares an international border with Canadian provinces of Quebec in the north and Ontario in the northwest.

  • National Parks

    There are 22 National Parks in New York, 4 National Heritage Areas, 27 National Natural Landmarks, 262 National Historic Landmarks and 5,379 National Historic Places.

  • Key Table

    The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks , military areas, highways, important roads, airports, County boundaries, and other details of the title frame.

  • Region Location on the map of New York State

    According to the USCB the State of New York falls under the Northeastern Region of the United States in Mid Atlantic Division 2. The other States under this division are New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  • Time Zone in New York State

    New York falls under the Eastern Time Zone and observes the Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

  • Counties in New York State

    The State of New York is divided into 62 counties. Kings County is the most populous county of the state and St Lawrence County is the largest county by area.

  • ZIP Code of New York State

    The Range of Zip codes in New York State is from 00501-14925.

Urban Placements

New York is the fourth most populous state of the USA. It derives its name from the 17th century Duke of York who later came to be King James II of England. There are 62 cities in New York and 13 Metropolitan Areas. Albany, the capital city, can be placed at the west bank of Hudson River. New York city is the largest city of the state and the most populous city of the nation. It is rated as a global city.

Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers and Syracuse are marked in readable fonts along with other primary and secondary cities of the state. Military areas, state and interstate highways, major roads, recreational areas, points of interest and airports are clearly also marked for quick reference.

Major cities of New York State

The map feature includes multiple insets of major urban settlements of the state. Each frame is complete with the latest street information, waterways, rail routes and airports. Accurate locations of landmarks, notable architecture, historical sites, utility and civic centers are indicated with clarity. Parks and forest areas are easily recognizable in each frame with green patches and specified symbols elaborated in the legend.

  • Albany City Inset

    Albany is the capital of New York State and the seat of Albany County. The City has been named in honor of the Scottish Duke of Albany. The city is home to more than 60 parks and recreational areas. Washington Park, Lincoln Park, Buckingham Lake Park, are clearly indicated with isolated green patches. Notable architecture and important buildings are named for reference. Interstate 90, 87 and 287 serve the city along with Albany International Airport and passenger rail.

  • Binghamton City Inset

    Binghamton is a seat of Broome County and the principal city of Binghamton Metropolitan Area. It is geographically located at the confluence of Susquehanna River and Chenango River. The city is divided into seven neighborhoods. Defense manufacturing and technology are the forerunners of the economic sector.

    Health and education also contribute to a large extent. Parks, recreational areas, notable buildings are all marked out on the frame and make an easy reading. Interstate 81 runs north to south while interstate 88 connects the city to the capital of the state. Interstate 86, State Route 7, 434 and US Route 11 also connect the city to the rest of the state. Airports and rail routes can also be located without an effort.

  • Buffalo City Inset

    Buffalo is the second largest city of the state and the seat of Erie County. It is located on Lake Erie eastern end. The city offers many historical sites and outdoor recreations. Some points of interest in the city include museums, botanical gardens, historical society, Naval and Military Park. Buffalo is a waterfront city so it encompasses many green spaces and 20 parks. Parks and green spaces can be easily placed on the frame. The city is served with Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Buffalo Metro Mail, eight State Highways, interstate 190, US Highways and three expressways. All the highways are numbered and color coded for easy orientation.

  • New York City Inset

    New York is the most populous city of the United States. It is often called the financial, cultural and media capital of the world. The five boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island have been consolidated to form one single city. The city of New York is located in Kings County.

    The notable buildings in New York are the iconic Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and the Conde Nast Building. Some of the prominent parks of the city are Gateway National Recreation Area, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Fort Wadsworth, Statue Liberty National Monument, Greenwich Village and Great kills park.

    Military installations, state parks, green spaces, airports and rail routes are all clearly indicated on the frame. New York City has an intricate system of highways which are numbered and color coded for easy orientation.

  • Rochester City Inset

    Rochester is the third most populous city of the state and a part of Monroe County. It is located in the five finger region of New York State. It is categorized as the global city and includes many institutes for higher education. Points of interest include churches, parks, war memorials, museums, and notable buildings. Port of Rochester, airport locations, railroads are indicated on the frame. Interstate 90, 390 and 290 serve the city along with limited access roads, expressways, state highways and national highways.

  • Syracuse City Inset

    Syracuse is the fifth most populous city of the state and the seat of Onondaga County. It is the economic and educational hub of central New York. It is geographically located in the northeast corner of the finger lake region. The State Tower Building is the tallest building of the city. Points of interest include Everson Museum, Onondaga Historical Museum, Erie Canal Museum, art galleries and universities.

    The city encompasses 170 parks and recreational areas. Rail routes are drawn out, airport locations indicated and highways specifically numbered for easy understanding. Interstate 81, 481, 90 and 60 connect the city to the rest of the state.

  • Utica City Inset

    Utica is located in the Mohawk Valley region on the banks of River Mohawk and the foothills of Adirondack Mountains. It is the seat of Oneida County and the 10th most populous city of the state. The city proudly hosts several historical sites, many of which find mention in the list of National Register of Historic Places. The city also houses 677 parks and recreational areas.

    Notable buildings, civic centers and universities are marked out on the frame. Airport locations are indicated and highway systems specifically numbered. Interstate highway 81, State Route 840 and State Highway 5, serve the city along with other highways and secondary roads.

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