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This South East Australia map highlights the most populous corner of Australia. From Adelaide in South Australia to Newcastle in New South Wales, and all of Victoria, this map covers a large area. You can use it for business purposes or even for referential purposes in your homes & offices.
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South East Australia Map

View the most populous corner of Australia on this high-quality South East Australia Map. Its coverage ranges from Adelaide in South Australia in the west to Newcastle in New South Wales in the north, and all of Victoria in the south. Surrounding water bodies of Southern Ocean, Bass Strait, and the Tasman Sea are highlighted in blue color hues. Major national parks and reserves are marked throughout the map in hues of green.

A map index to major towns, distance grid, road distance/time travel guide, and a map legend is also featured on the map. You can buy this detailed map in a selection of finishing materials like paper, matte plastic, or laminated.

Maps of South East States

This map highlights the states in the South East region of Australia. However, you can also buy separate maps of these states below:

  • Map of Victoria, Australia

    Victoria is the second most populous and the smallest of Australia's mainland state. It is the most densely populated state with a major part of the population concentrated in the area surrounding Port Phillip Bay. This state is bordered by the Bass Strait and Tasmania to the south, New South Wales to the north, the Tasman Sea to the east, and South Australia to the west.

  • Map of New South Wales

    New South Wales is bordered by Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, and South Australia to the west. Its capital city is Sydney, which is also Australia's most populous city. Originally New South Wales included the island territories of New Zealand, Van Diemen's Land, Lord Howe Island, and Norfolk Island. It was around the 19th century that most of this area was detached to form separate British colonies.

  • Map of South Australia

    South Australia covers the aridest parts of the country and has the second most highly centralized population in Australia, after Western Australia. Its major bordering states include Western Australia to the west, Northern Territory to the north, Queensland to the north-east, New South Wales to the east, and Victoria to the south-east.

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