United States Physical Map - Atlas of the World, 10th Edition

The Physical Map of USA brings out the wondrous topography of the country with hand-painted . Comprehensive detailing of physical attributes from the tundra in Alaska to the deserts in Arizona makes it ideal for reference.

Mountains, lakes, plains, coastal regions and plateaus are captioned with clarity.

Each physical element is differentiated with elevation and color variations.

The map is supplemented with two insets of Hawaii and Alaska.The Aleutian Islands also forms a part of the locator.

National Geographic Maps, have designed this map with a carefully researched data which adds authenticity to this piece.

This map is available in 28 x 22 in. Please select a finish of your choice
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USA Physical Map

This Map of the United States is a detailed reference map. It depicts the terrain and physical features of the country. The map shows variations in topography with shaded relief and elevation. Significant water bodies, mountain ranges, plateaus, and plains can be easily found in bold fonts.

The map also shows parts of Cuba. This visually appealing exhibit designed in a hand-painted earth-colored scheme makes an attractive display in any space.

  • Locations on the Map

    The striking landscape of US is projected with perfection in this US Physical Map. With bright color tones and prominent terrain markings, the map depicts a great variety of vegetation from deserts to the coastal plains.
  • Mountains

    The Pacific Coast Mountains in the west and the Appalachian mountains are labeled with big fonts for easy identification.
  • Oceans, Gulfs

    The layout shows parts of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and parts of the Pacific Ocean in the west. The Gulf of Mexico to the south is also distinctly visible.
  • Plains and Plateau

    The lowlands in the north, the alluvial plains of eastern Virginia and the Great Plains in the central part of the United States are other notable features on the map. The Columbian and Colorado Plateau are also visible on this map.
  • Lakes

    Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are marked on the map.
  • Deserts

    The frosted tundra of Alaska and the painted deserts of Arizona are displayed in variant hues to show the diversity of natural vegetation in the State.

More details on the map

  • Map Insets

    The Map comes with two detailed inset showing topographical features of Alaska and Hawaii. The Aleutian Islands have also been graphically represented within the inset layout. Part of Russia has also been included in this locator.
  • Decorative Border

    A decorative border in black hem brings out the bright colored landscape, giving this exhibit an attractive contrast.

Map Finishes

  • Paper finishes

    The map is available in multiple finishes. You can order this on high-quality stock paper, or Laminated glossy finish, or durable Matte Plastic in Non-Glossy finish.
  • Size

    This elaborately detailed map poster can be ordered in a 28x22 inch dimension.

National Geographic Maps

This Map is designed and published by the world’s leading map makers - National Geographic Maps. The map uses a comprehensive detailing and eye-catching color palette.

Use of the Map

The Physical map of the United States can be used resourcefully for different purposes.

  • Educative Reference

    This Physical map of the US is ideal for the study of geography and landscape.
  • Poster Display

    With an engaging color scheme, this large Map makes and elegant poster display in-home study, living spaces, schools, and libraries.

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Publication Date 25-02-2015
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