Edmonton Alberta Map

Edmonton, Alberta map can be ordered in high-quality print of your selection in the orientation, size & paper, laminated or matt plastic finish of your choice. The map is available a scale of 1:29,000 in 36 x 48 inches and portrait orientation.You can also customize the map here to center around the area of your interest such as a business location, sales territory in a different scale, size and orientation.

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Edmonton Alberta Map
Edmonton Alberta Map Edmonton Alberta Map Edmonton Alberta Map Edmonton Alberta Map

Map of Edmonton Area

This Edmonton Alberta Canada map is ideal for the business owner who needs local or regional road network information about the city. It highlights Municipal, Town and Zip Code boundaries of the entire city along with full street labeling. You can find all neighborhood areas like landmarks, government offices, schools, recreational parks, tourist points, etc.

How to use this map?

You might have some specific requirements for this map but many our customers use it for planning service delivery, catchment area or sales territory. You can also use the map as referential wall decor in your homes and offices.

How to customize this map of Edmonton area?

You can customize this map around any location of your choice by clicking on "Close Preview". Now start by searching your neighborhood using the search bar on the map. You can also use the zoom buttons and drag arrows to adjust the print area. Once you are satisfied with the adjustment you can click on the preview button to view how the final map will look.

Before placing an order, add a title to your map and select from the range of sizes, orientations, and finishing materials available.

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Delivery options

We will process your orders within 2-3 business days, except on weekends or holidays. The shipping charges for the same will vary from $9.99 to $30.99 and will be calculated and displayed at checkout. The cost varies depending on the size of the map and your delivery location.

More Information About Edmonton

Facts and Figures:

Area Covered 684 km²
Latlong Coordinates 53.5444° N, 113.4909° W
Population 9.28 lacs
Nearby Cities/States Calgary, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Portland, Winnipeg, Denver, Colorado Springs, etc.
Popular Places West Edmonton Mall, World Waterpark, Elk Island National Park, Galaxyland, Muttart Conservatory, Downtown Edmonton, Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton Valley Zoo, Fort Edmonton Park, University of Alberta Botanic Garden, etc.
Economy The city is the major economic center for northern and central Alberta and a major center for the oil and gas industry. Edmonton traditionally has been a hub for Albertan petrochemical industries, earning it the nickname "Oil Capital of Canada" in the 1940s. Supply and service industries drive the energy extraction engine, while research develops new technologies and supports expanded value-added processing of Alberta's massive oil, gas, and oil sands reserves. Edmonton is also reputed as one of Canada’s premier research and education centers. Its geographical location has made it an ideal spot for distribution and logistics.

Famous Districts in Edmonton Alberta

  • Chinatown District:The district has some of the eye-catching Chinese getaways and various colorful pagoda-style roofs. The Edmonton district is centred around 97th Street. Lined up with authentic Chinese restaurants and speciality Chinese shops, the district lies to the east of Downtown Edmonton.
  • University District:The university district of Alberta is highly regarded throughout Canada as it has over 90 buildings and in excess of 30,000 students. The vast university complex covers almost 220 acres/88 hectares. The district is a mixture of architectural styles and river views, and other highlights include the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium that regularly features operas and ballet performances, Rutherford House - an important mansion built in 1911, once home to Alberta's first prime minister, Alexander Cameron Rutherford, numerous coffee shops and restaurants, and many lively nightspots.
  • West End District:This district is famous for the residential areas, together with hotels, eateries and shops. The West Edmonton Mall is undoubtedly the attraction in this part of the city which is a grand shopping complex.
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