Edmonton Wall Map - Street Detail - Large

This large Edmonton street map shows highly detailed local information for the city of Edmonton. Full street labeling along with transit information, parks, schools, churches and landmarks throughout the city are displayed.

The map has been designed in a very clear and legible manner with a traditional Canadian street map style embraced by map buyers over many years.

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Edmonton Map

A large Edmonton city map by Lucidmap is informative and comprehensive. You can use the map for the referential purpose and track important road information including transit details, the location of parks, schools, churches, government buildings, and major landmarks throughout the city.

Nearby locale information about major government buildings, recreation centres, shopping joints, food junctions, political boundaries, and interesting points, other than details of roads, highways, towns, major parks, and streets that can be taken up during a road trip are mentioned over the map. The map index shows a capsule of all that is being shown on the map.

City of Edmonton

The Edmonton city is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. It is situated on the North Saskatchewan River and is the centre of Edmonton Metropolitan Region, surrounded by Alberta’s central region. The city anchors the north end of what Statistics Canada defines as the “Calgary-Edmonton Corridor”. It is the cultural, governmental and educational centre that hosts a year-round slate of festivals, reflected in the nickname “Canada’s Festival City”.

Considered as a prime economic centre for northern and central Alberta, Edmonton is a major centre for the oil and gas industry. Traditionally, Edmonton has been a hub for Albertan petrochemical industries, earning it the nickname “Oil Capital of Canada” in the 1940s.

Edmonton Landmarks and Surrounding Areas

Royal Alberta Museum, Whyte Avenue, Sir Winston Churchill Square, Federal Building, La Cite Francophone, China Town gate on Boyle Street, Edmonton City Hall, EPCOR Tower, CN Tower, West Edmonton Mall, Fort Edmonton Park, Shaw Convention Centre.


Situated at an elevation of 671 metres, on the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton is the most northerly city in North America. North as it is, it is south of the geographic centre of Alberta, which is located near the Hamlet of Fort Assiniboine.

With terrain in and around Edmonton generally flat to gently rolling, there are ravines and deep river valleys, like the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Edmonton is within the Canadian Prairies Ecozone.


The 2016 Census of Population recorded a population of 932,546 living in 360,828 of its 387,950 total private dwellings. The city had a population density of 1,360.9/km2 on a land area that equals 685.25 km2.

According to the 2016 municipal census, the population of the city was 899,447. The census captured a comprehensive picture of the city’s demography by incorporating residents, age and other basic facets like gender, marital status, employment status, length of residency, prior residence, employment transportation mode, citizenship, school residency, economic diversity, city resource access, highest educational attainment, attainment, household language, income, dwellings and properties including ownership, structure and status.


Edmonton’s ethnic groups are majorly composed of people belonging to European ethnicity. With large clusters of people coming from English, Scottish, German, Irish, Ukrainian, Polish, and French origins, the city was 55.8 per cent European in origin and 6.4 per cent Aboriginal (including Metis), while visible minorities accounted for 37.8 per cent of the population.

Approximately, 29.3% were identified as East Indian, 2.34% reported Latin American origins, and 7.5% were reported African and Caribbean origins, 7.44% Chinese, 6.24% Filipino, 1.5% Vietnamese, 9.6% were reported being South Asian. Other than this, 17.4% of the population identified themselves to be of ‘Canadian’ ethnic origin.

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