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This Map of Maine portrays physical geography of the state with attractive imagery as well as accuracy. Landforms like mountains, coastlines, lakes and forest cover are illustrated with variation in color and elevation. The Appalachian Trail, Mount Katahdin, whirlpools of Bay of Fundy and islands like Machias Seal and North Rock are some of the major terrain markings on the map.

State boundaries are identifiable with contrasting contour.

Capital Augusta is captioned along with other towns and cities.This Map of Maine is perfect for reference and can be used resourcefully in schools, offices and homes.

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Maine USA Map - Details

The Map of Maine depicts the extent of state with prominent political and physical markings. Detailing of topographical features include the Appalachian trail, Mount Katahdin, the rocky coastline and large areas of forest cover. The Desert island, Machias Seal Island and the North Rock islands can be placed off the eastern coast. The large tidal whirlpools of Bay of Fundy and the old Sow are also marked in that area.

Other terrain features include gulfs, islands, lakes, forest cover, National park, State parks and prominent glacial features.

The State shares international boundaries with Canada. The Canadian province of Quebec borders the state to the northwest.

The north and northeastern side is skirted by the Canadian Province of New Brunswick. New Hampshire is the only US State to share borders with Maine. State capital Augusta and other major towns are labeled in their true location.

Other aspects of the map include highway system, airports, recreational area, military installation and marine sanctuaries. A useful legend elaborates symbolic details of the title frame.

This geographical guide of the state of Maine is designed by expert cartographers of National Geographic which adds authenticity and accuracy to the piece.

This map poster is available in four different finishes which include, paper, Matte Plastic, laminated and Canvas in high quality prints.

  • Location - Where is Maine?

    The state of Maine is located in the northeastern United States. New Hampshire borders the state to the west. The Atlantic Ocean forms the coastline to the southeast.

    The Canadian provinces New Brunswick is placed on the northeast and Quebec to the northwest. The “Vacation land” is the easternmost state of contiguous US. The Town of Lubec is the easternmost settlement of the country as well as the State.

  • Urban Placements on the Maine Map

    Capital city Augusta can be placed on the banks of the Kennebec River. Portland is the most populous city in the state. Bangor, Lewiston, Waterville and other important settlements in the state are marked with readable fonts.

    Primary and secondary highways and state roads are also marked for quick reference. Military areas, airports, recreational areas and points of interest are the different urban placements on the map.

  • Physical Features

    The map depicts the landscapes of the State with colored relief and elevation. Maine can be distinctly divided into three geographical regions which are the Atlantic Ocean Coastal Lowlands, the Central Uplands and the Appalachian Mountain ranges in the northwestern region of the State. Other physical attributes include prominent peaks, lakes, rivers, forestland, marine sanctuaries, glacial features and National/ State parks.
  • Coastal Lowlands

    Maime is nicknamed the “Pine Tree State” as 80 percent of Maine is covered with forest Eastern broadleaf forest province is clearly visible near the Atlantic coast. The terrain is rocky and mountainous, parts of which are glaciated. The ecoregion section of lower New England, consists of hilly plateaus and ridges.

    Many islands are visible off the coast of the Gulf Maine. The largest among them is Mt Desert island which can be identified with ease. In the west, the coastal lowlands are characterized by tidal creeks. Bay of Fundy and Old Sow the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere and is marked prominently on the map.

  • Eastern New England Uplands

    The New England Uplands crosses the entire State from the northeast to the southwest. It can also be seen covering the state in the north entirely. Aroostook Plateau can be placed in this area with ease.
  • Appalachian Mountain Ranges

    The white mountains of the Appalachian mountain system run through the western part of the State and are marked with bold fonts. This region includes many lakes and most of the state's highest peaks. Mount Katahdin can be located in Piscataquis and adorns the Baxter State Park.
  • National Parks

    Maine is home to four National Parks which can be located with clarity on the frame. The Acadia National park protects Desert island and other similar islands in the Atlantic coast. It is the oldest park in the US and can be placed east of the Mississippi River. The Appalachian Trail, Katahdin woods and water National Monument and other State parks and historical areas can be easily placed.
  • More details on this State Map of Maine

    • Legend

      The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks , military areas, highways, important roads, airports and other details of the title frame.
    • Map Size and Map Prints

      This detailed physical map of Maine can be ordered in 30.25 x 40.5 inch dimension. The multiple finishes available are paper in high quality stock, Laminates in glossy finish, Matte Plastic in Non-Glossy finish, Matte Plastic mounted on PVC banner hanger and Canvas.
  • Other Useful Information on Maine

    • Region Location

      According to the USCB the State of Maine is located in the Northeast Region along with New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Islands, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
    • Counties in Maine

      Maine has 16 Counties and the largest county by population is Cumberland County and is located in the southeastern portion of the State. The most populated settlement is Portland.
    • Time Zone

      Maine falls under the Eastern Time Zone and observes the Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.
    • ZIP Code

      The Range of Zip codes in Maine is from 03901-04992. The Zip code range few cities are: Augusta 04330-04336: Portland 04112-04124, Lisbon-04250
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