Saskatoon Saskatchewan Map

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Saskatoon Map

Saskatoon neighbourhood map from MapSherpa Street products is ideal for the business owner who needs local or regional road network information on within Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for service delivery, catchment area or sales territory. Information on the map highlights Saskatoon Municipal, Town and Zip Code boundaries. This multi-scale Saskatoon city map uses the most current TomTom map data; you can count on this map showing the latest changes in your area. This map can also be customized to change the extents, orientation and center of the map and has been designed to make Saskatoon maps suitable from city to county scales, and anywhere in between. Rich regional map data includes highway infrastructure including, interchanges, weigh stations and tolls. Full street labelling, block numbers and street direction afford detailed city level maps of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Infrastructure such as airports, hospitals, shopping malls, exhibition centers, industrial complexes and other business centric features are easily identifiable on the map.

Facts and Figures:

Area Covered 5,215 km²
Latlong Coordinates 52.1332° N, 106.6700° W
Population 2.55 lacs
Nearby Cities/States Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Boise, Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver, Seattle, etc.
Popular Places Forestry Farm Park and Zoo, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Meewasin Trail, Remai Modern, Nutrien Playland (formerly PotashCorp Playland), The Prairie Lily, Diefenbaker Park, Western Development Museum - Saskatoon Museum, Saskatoon Zoo Society, etc.
Economy Saskatoon's economy is associated with potash, oil and agriculture. Various grains, livestock, oil and gas, potash, uranium, gold, diamond, coal and their spin off industries fuel the economy. The Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA) has also been ranked amongst Canada's top ten economic development organizations.

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Regions Canada;North America
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